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The Easiest Way to Ask for Reviews

The Easiest Way to Ask for Reviews   Soliciting reviews can at times feel like herding cats. You know your patients are busy and just want to be cared for. Before they even leave your office, they’re already on their phones, messaging their friends and coordinating the remainder of their days’ activities.   But the value of […]

Why Dental Specialists Need Social Media Marketing

Dental specialists, especially those who have been in practice for 10, 20 or 30+ years, have primarily depended on referrals for new patients. In the age of technology and the continuing rise of digital marketing, relying on referrals is simply not enough. Patients are easily empowered to research their referrals online, if by a general […]

PBHS Client’s 80/20 Marketing Strategy – Highlighted by ADA New Dentist News

In the latest issue of ADA New Dentist News, PBHS client Dr. Ricky Farmer illustrates how dental marketing has changed over the years. While Dr. Farmer still uses traditional marketing efforts such as newspapers and community events to target his potential patient base, those methods make up just 20% of his overall marketing strategy. The […]

How Can Social Media Work For Your Dental Practice

Social media may seem like a time-wasting kick to the parents of a modern teenage girl, but to marketers it has become a powerful new supplement to word-of-mouth marketing. Facebook “likes”, Twitter “followers”, and Google+ reviews are the budding methodology for drawing new clients in from the Internet.

I have a bad online review.  What can I do about it?

Online reviews are becoming a bigger, more important facet of the Internet landscape.  It is easier and easier for patients to express themselves as review sites like Yelp, Healthgrades, Google+ and even Facebook become more popular. An unhappy patient is much more likely to leave a negative review then a happy patient is to leave […]

PBHS Presents Dr. Alfred Mora

PBHS is once again honored by the kind words of a client. Thank you, Dr. Mora and Catherine, for making our jobs so enjoyable! Dear Jay, Thank you for introducing your company to my wife and office manager, Catherine.  She screened a lot of website companies and chose your company for many positive reasons.  You […]

PBHS Presents Dr. Sharon Russell

PBHS was honored to receive these kind words from one of our clients, Dr. Sharon Russell. Here’s what she said: PBHS is truly an outstanding and exceptional company! As a surgeon and owner of The Maryland Oral Surgery Group, I was in need of marketing material and a public forum. I am truly blessed to have been introduced to PBHS! Of course […]

Proudly Presenting Dr. Farber’s New Dental Website

We thrive when our clients thrive. Therefore nothing gives us more pleasure when clients are satisfied with our work and we contribute to the success of their practice. We just recently launched a new dental website redesign for The Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants at . Our client, Dr. Alan H. Farber […]

Five Reasons Oral Surgeons Should Pre-Register Patients with TruForm

1. Immediate Return on Investment. OMS Practices using PBHS TruForm Online Patient Registration are saving thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in chart preparation.  Patients access TruForm through your PBHS designed website. 2. Why enter data twice? Only PBHS TruForm integrates with your OMS Practice Management Software eliminating data entry of patient demographics and […]

PBHS Presents Joe Niamtu III, DMD

I will be the first to admit that I am a control freak. While developing my website, PBHS has mirrored the high standards that I hold my practice to. The end result is perfect; not only is the esthetic exactly what I wanted, it better pre-educates my patients, allows them to register online, and I […]