The Easiest Way to Ask for Reviews


Soliciting reviews can at times feel like herding cats. You know your patients are busy and just want to be cared for. Before they even leave your office, they’re already on their phones, messaging their friends and coordinating the remainder of their days’ activities.


But the value of positive online reviews for the growth of your practice is supported by studies that show over 92% of consumers read them regularly. The secret to getting more? The easiest way to gather reviews from your patients? Meet them where they are. Where are they? On their phones.


It’s up to you to enable your current patients to leave you reviews on their phones in the simplest, most accessible ways possible. Here’s how.


Text them.

Perhaps the most accessible for the vast majority of your patients is sending them an SMS text message as they walk out the door. Chances are they’ll be checking their phones at their next stop: as they wait in a pick-up line at their kids’ school, in a grocery store line, in a waiting room at their next appointment, or before a meeting at the office. The text should be automated, short, and to the point. Use no more than four yes/no, multiple choice, or one-word answer questions.


Use social media.

Hundreds of thousands of patients across the nation (approximately 69% of us) are scrolling through social media on the daily. If your practice is not already on social media, it’s time. One of the unique benefits of social media is the connections it creates. In your posts that communicate how much you care for our patients and your desire to offer excellent care, provide a link, requesting that they share their positive experiences.


Ask in person.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 consumers will write a review if you just ask? As you greet your patients when they walk in the door of your practice, ask them if they’d fill out a review online after their appointment. Let them know you’d be happy to send it to them via their preferred method of communication—SMS text messaging, email, snail mail—as soon as they leave.


Implement Launch Survey.

If you’re convinced online reviews matter but would like a proactive reputation management team to save you time and hassle, our experts at PBHS can streamline the process for you by laying the groundwork and then monitoring activity as it occurs. In fact, Launch Survey  can automate almost all facets of the review process.


Gathering reviews drives patients and grows your practice, but that’s not what’s on your patients’ minds when they fill out reviews. Your simple ask implies that you care what they think and that you want to improve their dental experiences in every way possible. Allowing them to be heard and valued is instrumental in building a dental community that sticks together and attracts new members. Don’t underestimate the power of asking.


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