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Researched. Proven. Endorsed.

The vision for your dental website is our top priority. After all, your dental website is a reflection of not only the PBHS family, but the family you’ve worked hard to create in your own practice, and the families you serve.

At PBHS, we approach the dental website design process analytically, with your best interest at heart. Understanding the objectives of the practice, the patients you wish to acquire, the procedures you are most passionate about promoting, and the return you wish to generate, will all determine how your content is written, the design and branding of your dental website, and how the functionality of the website performs – from online patient registration to bill pay.

Top Reasons to Trust PBHS

for Dental Website Design

The primary failing of most “other” dental marketing and website design firms, is the lack of experience and industry expertise to execute a compelling, results-based online experience for your patients. They adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, that effectively treats your practice like a commodity. Inevitably, the end-result is a poor patient experience that utterly fails to return on any investment you have made with them.

We aim to improve your practice efficiency and drive growth. We customize solutions based on the needs of your dental practice – whether it’s your first step or just another hurdle, we make the process easy for you every step of the way.

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Dental Website Design Experts

At PBHS, we start with an in-depth, discovery process with your dental or dental specialty practice, where we get to know you and your mission and then together, develop an outcome-driven strategy that’s as customized and unique as your practice. Going well beyond the sum of the services you offer, we customize your dental website and content in your own voice, so your patients have the best opportunity to get to know you and learn about your practice prior to calling your office. PBHS showcases your exceptional patient experiences with glowing testimonials, clearly establishing your clinical authority by focusing on successful patient outcomes. We tell the story your patients want to hear. The result – a beautifully designed, original website and online presence that’s impossible to imitate and attracts the right patients to your practice.

Outperform the Competition

with PBHS Dental Website Design Services

We deliver gorgeous, modern patient-centric dental website design geared to maximize new patient acquisition, engagement, and retention. Form seamlessly follows function - creating a rich, vibrant and dynamic user experience that shares your passion and ensures you make a winning first impression. Each site is completely mobile-responsive, disability accessible and ADA compliant, and features simple drag-and-drop editing options so your information is always up to date.

A Creative and Concierge Based Dental Website Design Process

At PBHS, we are committed to unsurpassed customer service and take pride in delivering complimentary concierge support. We won’t stop working until you’re satisfied, and as your dedicated dental marketing partner, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

“Partnering with PBHS was the right decision for our practice. Easiest, most professional website design service I’ve ever used.”

Paul J. Kelly, DMD, MS
“I’ve been working with PBHS for over 20 years. They understand what oral & maxillofacial surgeons do like no one else.”

Kirby Bunel, DDS
“Our dental practice hasn't had a website since my father started it 40 years ago. It had to be perfect, and I think you all nailed it! It was an easy process for our first website production.”
Matthew Kuzma, DDS

Exclusively Endorsed by ADA Member Advantage

PBHS websites represent the pinnacle of quality and professionalism for the dental community and are exclusively endorsed by ADA Member Advantage.

“After carefully evaluating dozens of dental website and practice marketing companies, PBHS stood above the rest. As an innovator in the field of dental website design, PBHS knows what it takes to create a successful online presence for our members, and they offer the absolute best in terms of quality, leading edge products and services at an excellent value. The company is strong, stable and provides members with the white glove approach to customer service that is the gold standard in the industry. Their services are time-tested and we are thrilled to offer them to our members. And, as with all of our endorsed services, immediate help is here should members have any questions or concerns. ”

Deborah Doherty, Chief Executive Officer, ADA Member Advantage

Attract More New Patients

Clients ask us all the time why our dental websites are ranked so highly on Google. Can we do the same for them? Of course we can. PBHS’s certified experts in digital marketing are leaders in providing dentists and dental specialists with a tangible, high impact return on investment (ROI).

At PBHS, we help you cut through the noise of the digital landscape to attract and convert more of the right new patients for your practice, with proven results. Our comprehensive approach to dental practice marketing puts your website at the center of your entire online universe – leveraging your reputation, search engine rankings, social media branding, demographically-based pay-per-click advertising and patient communications to ignite practice growth and help you build a better, more profitable practice.

Convert More Patients

with Peer Reviewed Educational Content

A properly designed dental web site will facilitate the treatment planning process and increase case acceptance. If we pre-educate patients prior to consultation, consultation time decreases, patient understanding improves, and case acceptance and the number of new patients and referrals increase.

It is important to remember that the two most significant aspects of building and maintaining a successful dental practice are education and communication. This success is directly related to the ongoing education of your patients. Similarly, timely communication is vital in distinguishing your identity as the premier practice within the community.

Now imagine an online presence that will enable you to educate and communicate with your patients and colleagues efficiently, effectively, and continuously – with little effort. PBHS dental website design can become the primary educational backbone for your patient – an education system that reaches the patient in the convenience of their own home.

These benefits are tremendous, and the return on investment is large. When your dental website is implemented properly, patients and colleagues will benefit from your expertise without monopolizing your resources or your time.

ADA (Americans with Disability Act)

Website Design Compliance

As part of our commitment to expanding access to care, all PBHS websites are launched as ADA & WCAG 2.1 compliant and feature a powerful web accessibility tool that enables users with disabilities to quickly adjust the magnification, resolution, and contrast of various on-screen elements to maximize usability and legibility. In addition, our dental websites are automatically configured for use with screen-readers and text-to-speech applications and engineered for rapid navigation using simple keyboard shortcuts. PBHS makes meeting ADA accessibility standards easy. We’ll show you how.

Drive Productivity & Patient Satisfaction

As the hub of your dental practice marketing and branding efforts, your website represents the core of your online presence, as well as a vital resource for your patients. PBHS dental websites are developed with 100% specialty-specific, peer-reviewed clinical content and videos, specifically developed to engage, educate and convert more new patients. This content not only lays the foundation for successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it also directly contributes to your top Google search rankings. PBHS also provide actionable avenues to expand functionality through the incorporation of real-time appointment scheduling, secure online patient registration, reputation management & marketing, secure online payments, and timely access to patient’s critical care information through your connected patient portal. The end result is a dynamic, accessible online presence that drives patient conversions and seamlessly augments practice workflow efficiency and productivity to save you time and money.

Ready to take your practice marketing to the next level?

Get started with a complimentary website evaluation and competitive analysis of your online presence and rankings and let PBHS take your practice marketing to the next level.

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