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Ueno Center Dental Specialists

What makes your practice unique? Differentiate your online presence with a completely customized periodontal website. Your PBHS marketing team will design and promote the uniqueness of your brand, your mission and practice philosophy, presenting a highly focused message to the patients demographically selected within your community.

Philip Novack Periodontist

Periodontist Philip Novack chose a crisp, clean, straightforward design for his custom website. A unique, interactive icon menu allows visitors to choose from health topics. This keeps the homepage free from clutter while still providing access to necessary information.

The Perico Group

Video is central to the design of this dynamic website and serves to elevate The Perico Group in their highly competitive market. The inclusion of video that tells a story about the practice exponentially increased patient engagement and duration of the visitor’s time on the website. The practice chose a clean design and color scheme that expertly reflects the tones of their logo for cohesive branding throughout the website.

Laser Periodontal Associates of New York

Highlight the best elements of your practice with a custom periodontal website. By working with your PBHS marketing team, your mission and practice philosophy will be communicated through a unique design process. PBHS will promote your brand online by targeting patients in your community with precision focus.

Dr. Scott Yamaoka Periodontics & Oral Implantology

Explore the creative process with your PBHS website design team and develop a custom periodontal website that conveys your practice philosophy to patients in your community. Graphic elements, written content and cutting-edge functionality work together as a seamless digital marketing tool to help you build brand awareness and attract new patients.