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Pixel Tracking

PBHS uses Facebook & LinkedIn pixel tracking to help us improve the effectiveness of Facebook & LinkedIn Ads and identify audiences on Facebook & LinkedIn that may be interested in our services. You can opt out of future tracking by using the form below.

Manage your data


You may directly request deletion of your existing data from Facebook by visiting this link


You may control LinkedIn’s behavioral targeting features through your LinkedIn account settings

Your request to not sell your data will be stored for this browser and device

If you clear your cookies, your preference will be forgotten. While PBHS does not “sell” personal information of its visitors as the term “sell” is traditionally understood, “sell” under the CCPA is broadly defined. It includes the sharing of personal information with third parties in exchange for something of value, even if no money changes hands. For example, sharing an advertising or device identifier to a third party may be considered a “sale” under the CCPA.

You are not currently opted out of PBHS marketing data collection

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