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SEO Dental Marketing

Boost your authority. Find new patients. Win the conversation.
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How Do You Rank?

93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. How do you rank among the competition?

Search is too important to ignore. PBHS delivers high-performing SEO campaigns for your specialty – call us now at 800.840.5383 or submit an SEO Evaluation Form to see what a custom SEO strategy can do for your practice.

Dental Search Optimization

Our SEO methodology is big-picture focused. It’s not just about your Google ranking – it’s about the greater visibility of your brand online and whether you are attracting and converting new patients.

SEO Campaigns
with Proven Results


Designed for the established practice in a less-competitive market, our tier 1 campaign includes essential SEO components to keep you in the search game. It is great for those with:
  • 1 location
  • Established presence
  • 1 doctor
  • Ideal for less-competitive areas
    (pop. 100 – 50,000)


Tier 2 offers advanced SEO strategy, ideal for practices with one or two locations or one of these additional challenges:
  • More than 1 doctor or location
  • Multi-specialty
  • Perfect for areas with significant competition
    (pop. 55,000 – 175,000)


For unrivaled service and a 100% comprehensive SEO strategy, designed for those in extremely competitive markets, we offer a premium, Tier 3 SEO campaign.
  • 3 or more locations and doctors
  • New practices
  • Multiple specialties
  • Custom content strategy needs
  • Highly-competitive markets
    (metropolitan areas – pop. 200,000 to 1 million+)

The bottom line

Don’t be left out of search. Whether you are a beginner or already find yourself on page one but wanting to go higher, we will put SEO to work for you. Please call us today at Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383 or request an assessment by submitting an SEO Evaluation Form.

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