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At PBHS, We Speak Dental!

We’ve been serving the dental community for 35+ years. We specialize in driving results and growth for your practice, online and in-office, with our website design, practice branding and digital marketing services.

Our bottom line is to save you time and money, so you can do the real work of patient care. We seek to cut through the noise of the digital landscape to attract, convert, and engage with your current and prospective patients through key dental marketing strategies, products, and design.

Grow Your Practice

Attract and convert more patients with your dental marketing!

Studies show that over 80% of Americans who are searching for a new dentist and researching their dental issues do it online. So, the key to accelerating practice growth is maximizing your digital presence. That’s where we come in…

How do we do it?

We tell your story and boost your brand performance.
We increase your online visibility by improving your Google ranking.
We foster patient engagement and maximize visitor interaction.
We promote your positive reviews and generate five-star ratings.
We fulfill all your design and print needs, from logos to brochures.
We take your online presence to the next level with powerful custom videos.

What sets us apart…

We have been exclusively endorsed by ADA Member Advantage, American Association of Endodontists, America College of Prosthodontists and more than 30 state and national societies.

These endorsements are the result of extensive vetting processes conducted by each organization, on the effectiveness and value of our solutions. Our endorsements extend back over eight years.

PBHS has a deep understanding of dental marketing and the dental specialties - what happens not only in the front office, but in the operatory. An online presence can help facilitate treatment planning and increase case acceptance. Our customer-focused suite of dental marketing services help ADA Members build and run a more profitable practice. We help save time and improve efficiencies for all aspects of patient communication.

Endorsed By:
As well as:
Alabama Dental Association, Alaska Dental Society, Arkansas State Dental Association, Delaware State Dental Society, District of Columbia Dental Society, Hawaii Dental Association, Idaho State Dental Association, Indiana Dental Association, Kansas Dental Association, Kentucky Dental Association, Maine Dental Association, Maryland State Dental Association, Minnesota Dental Association, Mississippi Dental Association, Missouri Dental Association, Montana Dental Association, Nebraska Dental Association, Nevada Dental Association, New Hampshire Dental Society, New Mexico Dental Association, North Carolina Dental Society, North Dakota Dental Association, Oklahoma Dental Association, Tennessee Dental Association, Utah Dental Association, Vermont State Dental Society, West Virginia Dental Association, Wyoming Dental Association.

Build the practice of your dreams with PBHS

Hands on and responsive, we are primed to be a very valuable partner in your website marketing strategy, always available to help. We do what it takes to ensure you’ve got a consistent flow of new patients.

We aim to improve your practice efficiency and drive growth. We customize solutions based on the needs of your practice – whether it’s your first step or just another hurdle, we make the process easy for you every step of the way.

Our track record speaks for itself.

Check out what our happy clients are saying. We’ve got over 15,000.

“Partnering with PBHS was the right decision for our practice. Easiest, most professional website design service I’ve ever used.”

Paul J. Kelly, DMD, MS
“I’ve been working with PBHS for over 20 years. They understand what oral & maxillofacial surgeons do like no one else.”

Kirby Bunel, DDS
“Our dental practice hasn't had a website since my father started it 40 years ago. It had to be perfect, and I think you all nailed it! It was an easy process for our first website production.”
Matthew Kuzma, DDS
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