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Top Dental Website Designs for Summer 2021

6 Best Dental Websites of 2021   As the temperatures rise and we begin to gear up for summer, the PBHS team is ready to celebrate our client’s success! We’ve created a list that showcases the best dental websites and highlights key features, including dynamic imaging, informative videography, and engaging content, that are sure to […]

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Maximize Practice Revenue with Automated Patient Communications

Increase Your Revenue with Simple Auto Communication Streamline your process – Free up your time What’s the secret to maintaining a thriving dental practice while you focus on delivering awesome patient care? The answer: RevenueWell’s all-in-one, unified marketing platform and communications suite that attracts new patients, increases production, and enables a more efficient office with […]

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Dental Reputation Marketing Tips for 2021

Dental Reputation Marketing Tips for 2021 Launch Survey – Your Best Way to Manage your Online Reputation When it comes to dental website visibility and converting more of your online visitors to new patients, a robust reputation management strategy driven by an easy-to-use engagement platform is a crucial component of a thriving practice. Over 92% […]

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Easily Maintain Data Privacy Compliance with PBHS SecureMail™

PBHS SecureMail™: The Best Way to Keep Your Data Private What is PBHS SecureMail™? A strong data privacy strategy not only safeguards your patients when they entrust you with their protected health information (PHI), but it also protects your dental practice from costly security breaches. Are your systems set up to avoid the misuse of […]

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What Facebook’s 2021 Algorithm Changes Mean for Your Dental Marketing

Another Facebook Algorithm Change: What the New 2021 Update Means for You What to expect from the latest change from Facebook Facebook has changed its algorithm…again. Whether you’re just learning what a social media algorithm is, or you’re concerned with what this update means for your practice’s marketing efforts, here is the 101 on the […]

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TruForm™ – Accessible Online Forms for Dental Patients with Disabilities

TruForm™ – Accessible Online Forms for Dental Patients with Disabilities Online Patient Registration truForm,™ the most popular secure online form solution for dentists, is now fully ADA & AA WCAG 2.0 compliant, meeting all possible accessibility standards to better serve all patients and users, irrespective of their disability status. With more than 41 million Americans […]

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Instagram and Facebook Stories – Tell Your Practice’s Story!

Tell Your Practice’s Story with Instagram and Facebook Stories Make your practice shine online Social media marketing is the best way to build meaningful and profitable long-term relationships with your patients, referring doctors, and potential patients! For dentists and dental specialists, this means showcasing that your practice is the best choice for superior dental care […]

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Google’s Page Experience Update, How It Will Impact Your Dental Marketing and SEO Strategy!

What to Expect from Google’s Page Experience Update Google’s Newest Algorithm Update The launch of Google’s Page Experience Update is set for May 2021, and this critical SEO algorithm change will have a dramatic impact on your dental website’s online rankings in search results. Read on to discover how your online position will be affected […]

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PBHS dental marketing services expanded through acquisition by RevenueWell

PBHS expands dental marketing services with acquisition by dental patient retention powerhouse RevenueWell Creates unified platform for dental patient acquisition, engagement, retention and growth.   PBHS is excited to announce our acquisition by dental marketing and patient communications powerhouse, RevenueWell. Current and future customers of PBHS and RevenueWell will now have access to a unified […]

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5 Dental Marketing Tips to Increase New Dental Patients in 2021

Top 5 Tips to Bring in New Dental Patients in 2021 A beautiful and interactive dental website and dynamic online presence is what distinguishes your dental practice from the competition and should be an integral part of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy. A professionally designed dental website will drive patient engagement with powerful branding and […]

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