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Rebranding Your Dental Practice: When and How

In the September publication of ADA News, PBHS client Dental Care of Baltimore shares a very special story of rebranding and practice growth. For many years, Dr. George Evans was the sole dentist practicing at Dental Care of Baltimore. But recently, his daughter and son joined the team. Now the practice consists of Drs. Evans, Evans and Evans – a transformation that allows them to increase the scope and volume of services they provide to the community. Going from one doctor to three was such a significant point of development for the practice, they felt that they needed to get the word out – and they were right.

Rebranding to Educate

When you rebrand your practice or business, you re-educate your followers. Anytime a practice goes through a significant change such as new doctors, locations or services, it is wise to consider rebranding as a tool to define and express those changes to the community. Dental Care of Baltimore accurately saw their expansion as a good reason to rebrand, or, in their words, “to educate and acclimate patients to the staff expansions.”

Rebranding: Considerations to Make

While there are many steps to consider as part of the rebranding process, the following are essential:

  • New design: Does the look of your website or logo need updating?
  • Personalization: Doctor bios and “what sets you apart” are critical elements of a patient-friendly website.
  • Expanding online services: Interactive forms and quick links to review platforms make your site more user friendly than those of your competitors.
  • Displaying reviews: Positive patient testimonials are key to winning conversions.
  • Updated health information: Provide educational content on your website or patients will go elsewhere during the initial research phase.
  • Social media: Social media is an essential tool for reaching new patients.
  • Video: The most popular online media format, video, can no longer be ignored.
    • Dental Care of Baltimore created dynamic, interactive videos for its website using Launch Video. Contact PBHS at Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383 to learn more about this comprehensive video service and sign up.
  • SEO: Make sure prospective patients can find you online with an aggressive SEO campaign.

Ultimately, Dental Care of Baltimore’s rebranding journey was a great success, and can be attributed to a thoughtful plan that focused on a defined set of goals. Learn more about their journey at ADA News.

PBHS is a full-service marketing agency for the dental and medical communities. Please call us today at Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383 for a custom marketing plan that makes sense for your practice in your market.

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Instagram Strategies for the Dental Practice

Person Holding Phone with Instagram Feed

In the world of online content, photos reign supreme, and nowhere is this truer than in social media. Smart phones have made it easier than ever to take and share photos with friends, family and even larger audiences. Photos have several advantages over text: they are more likely to be shared, they are quick to post and they give viewers a richer experience.

Instagram for the Dental Practice or Specialist

While sharing pictures is popular on all social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, there is one social media platform in particular that was truly made for visual engagement. Instagram’s whole existence is based on photos. In fact, you can’t create a post without one. It is truly one of the quickest and easiest ways for a practice to “get noticed” by potential patients.

476,933 People are Talking About #teethwhitening

When using Instagram, #hashtagsareyourbestfriend. You can either start your own hashtag with your brand name OR join a conversation that is already happening. Simply search within the Instagram app for hashtags that are related to your specialty and then incorporate them into your posts for increased visibility.

Trending Hashtags for Teeth
#wisdomteethprobs   #rootcanallife   #FLOSS   #dentalimplants

10 Instagram Posts for Dentists and Specialists*

  • Happy Patients
  • Giveaways and Contests
  • Staff Highlights
  • Patient of the Week
  • Favorite Pets
  • Wisdom Teeth Cheeks
  • Office Events and Parties
  • Videos (Silly or Serious)
  • Patient Testimonials
  • Volunteer Event Pictures

Need help with Instagram?

Launch Social Clients: Contact your social media account manager for help in developing an Instagram strategy that will capture the attention of (and convert!) new patients.
Prospective Clients: Please call PBHS at Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383 for information on our social media services for dentists and specialists.

Building a strong social media presence doesn’t happen overnight, yet getting started is as easy as posting a picture or two. The rise of Instagram over the last seven years suggests that the popularity of photo sharing is not going away anytime soon. Make sure that your practice is maximizing marketing opportunities by participating in social media – it’s where all your future patients are hanging out!

Studio by Launch Social: Coming Soon
Stay tuned for the release of our app, designed to make social media marketing from your phone even easier…

PBHS is the Internet marketing company endorsed by ADA Business Resources. We have the dental marketing tools you need to succeed in an increasingly competitive and challenging business. To speak to our team, please call us at Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383.

*Practices should always get written consent from patients and staff before posting pictures.

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5 Ways to Create a Dental Website New Patients Will Love

With the world of dental marketing rapidly expanding online, most of your competitors already have a website. Do you know how to set your website apart? Paying attention to these five digital marketing tips could mean the difference between a new patient and a missed opportunity.

Build Trust

Present the best of your practice to potential patients through:

  • Photos and Videos: Promote your location and an array of photos and videos showcasing your smiling patients in a rotating masthead. New patients will appreciate seeing actual patients and local elements and be drawn in for a closer look through positive reinforcement.
  • Mission Statement: What do you want to communicate about your practice? A concise, thoughtful mission statement placed in a prominent place, such as a sliding banner, goes a long way toward making patients feel safe and welcome.
  • Branding: Take an opportunity to sync your brand across all media channels, and then display your practice name and logo proudly and frequently throughout your website.
  • Patient Reviews: Nothing builds trust among new patients better than reviews from patients who have been to your office. Launch Survey displays select reviews on your website – refresh them regularly to attract new patients and search engines. Video patient testimonials immediately engage prospective patients and help increase case acceptance.

Focus on New Patients

Win conversions with a new patient offer. Our designs make it easy with integrated graphic and text layouts.

Engage with Custom Content

People search for health information online. Make your website their first stop by providing answers to their most pressing oral health questions. Custom content sets you apart from your competition – be sure to mention solutions that elevate you above the rest in your field.

Help Patients Overcome Dental Anxiety

In addition to being a common search term for prospective patients, dental anxiety also presents an opportunity for you to connect with them before you even meet. By giving patients tried-and-true tips to help with dental anxiety and communicating to them that your team can make them feel safe and relaxed, you will quickly win their interest and their loyalty.

Make Navigation Easy

Without easy navigation, website visitors become frustrated within seconds and often leave the site. PBHS websites make common requests for information such as directions, office hours, and forms easy to find so that you don’t lose a single lead.

Do you need help with your mission statement or logo? We offer specialized marketing services such as custom content and graphic design in addition to cutting-edge dental website design and SEO. All of our services are available to medical and dental specialists as well, including Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, Endodontists and more.

Please call PBHS Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383 to get started.

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Beyond Referrals: Getting Found Online

Dr. Mata Periodontist Website and SEO StrategyFor specialists like Periodontist Dr. James Mata, new patients aren’t acquired solely through referrals anymore. Instead, internet marketing has opened up a world of new possibilities when it comes to attracting and converting new patients. A recent article in ADA News featured PBHS client Dr. Mata, who purchased a practice website several years ago and later added SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to his marketing services with PBHS.

Starting Out with Online Marketing

Dr. Mata has been with PBHS since the beginning of his online marketing journey, starting with a custom website that included periodontal-specific content. Dr. Mata appreciates that while PBHS websites are vertically driven for the dental specialty, they are highly customizable in terms of design, content and branding. This gives clients the ability to stand out from the crowd, showing off a little bit of their practice personality through design elements.

Increasing New Patients

After several years of successful online presence, Dr. Mata made the choice to broaden his strategy from a traditional educational website, geared toward patients who searched for him directly, to capture the interest of new patients. He accomplished this with an SEO campaign, and quickly saw the benefits by focusing heavily on the promotion of a single procedure, the Pinhole Surgical Technique™, that he knew was gaining popularity and demand in the community.

Getting Found Organically

SEO has worked very well for Dr. Mata, with his results consistently increasing. In a year-over-year snapshot, PBHS helped Dr. Mata experience a 60 percent spike in organic traffic and a conversion rate over 240%. He ranked No. 1 for the key words “dental implants” and  “pinhole technique” for his target markets. Many of Dr. Mata’s new patients are coming to him without referrals, reporting that they found out about his practice online during the initial research phase – a true measure of the effectiveness of SEO.

For more details on Dr. Mata’s online marketing journey, please visit the full article at ADA News.

As the ADA Business Resources Endorsed Provider for website design and marketing, PBHS takes the guesswork out of marketing for those in the dental and dental specialty communities. Find out what our SEO specialists can do for you by calling (800) 840-5383.

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With ADA Accessibility, A Few Words Make a World of Difference

ADA Accessible Website Design by PBHS for Dentists

Example: What’s the difference between a button that says “Learn More…” and one that says “Learn More About Dental Implants”?

For a person using a screen reader, the difference is vast. While an average-vision user can rely on visual clues to fill in the blanks, the “Learn More…” button is impractical for a person with low vision.

Since the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), businesses have learned to comply with the physical accessibility requirements stipulated by the law, but, increasingly, legal pressure is mounting for them to comply in the virtual realm as well. What does all of this mean for your practice?

Enlisting the Help of Those with Disabilities
To better understand how we can make our websites fully inclusive and accessible, PBHS has put them to test with the help of low vision users.

We learned a lot.
The result? Enhanced accessibility for users with disabilities navigating PBHS websites and compliance for clients who purchase them.*

Design and Accessibility
There are three levels of guidelines for compliance (A, AA and AAA). PBHS site updates are designed to meet the criteria of the AA level, which affords a truly great user experience while still allowing us to maintain high standards of design in terms of aesthetic appeal.

PBHS Updates for ADA Compliance
Some of our accessibility updates include:**

  • Visual aid buttons for contrast and text size
  • Captions on videos and animations
  • “Skip to Main Content” links
  • Phone numbers with office location descriptors
  • Better semantics to assist screen readers
  • Alt-tags on images
  • Phasing out of flash
  • Accessibility disclaimer for non-html sites
  • All PBHS departments have been trained in website accessibility best practices

PBHS Forms Further Accessibility
In addition to the above updates, PBHS’ truForm™ and Launch Survey forms have been tested and fully optimized for use by those with disabilities. These forms are a great tool for practices and their patients, including those with disabilities, as they afford more privacy and independence than a paper form can.  Note: truForm™ version 5 and 6 are compliant. Those using older versions should call PBHS to find out about upgrading.

If you are unsure if your older PBHS or non-PBHS designed website is compliant, please contact us for an audit and checklist to see what we can do to help!

*Keep In Mind: Alterations made by the practice to the website may negate compliance.
**Note: Some changes are live on new sites only (not retroactive).

PBHS prides itself on providing the dental community with turnkey, accessible websites and tools designed to enhance communication with patients while meeting the practice’s marketing goals. For more information, please contact us at (800) 840-5383.

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Endodontics: 3 Tools for Getting the Word Out

It’s Root Canal Awareness Week, a terrific time to get the word out about the safety and importance of root canal treatment and the great work that Endodontists do!

In dental marketing, root canals are often passed over for simpler, more glamorous topics such as oral hygiene and cosmetic dentistry. So, to most people, the idea of having root canal treatment is at best alien and at worst scary.

The Question is: How do you change people’s minds about something that has been misrepresented for so long?

Starting with three prominent (and easy to use) digital platforms, you can be part of the movement to spread the truth about root canal therapy.

Root Canals: 3 Steps to a PR Makeover

  • Patient Reviews: What better way to get the word out about root canal treatment than by leveraging patient experience? Hesitant patients will appreciate hearing from those who have already had the procedure done. Encourage patients to leave reviews for your practice on a variety of platforms.
  • Social Media: Visit to download your Root Canal Awareness Week outreach materials and then post to social media daily to dispel myths.*
  • Videos: The American Association of Endodontists also has videos that you can download and post on your website or social media.

Visit for more information and Root Canal Awareness Week resources!

*Don’t have time to post to social media on your own? PBHS Launch Social will manage and post to your social media channels for you – contact us for more information and samples.

When it comes to dental marketing, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. PBHS offers a full menu of marketing services, including specialty-specific content, to the entire dental community. Our services include website design, graphic design, SEO and social media. Contact us at (800) 840-5383 to jumpstart your marketing campaign.

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Safe, Secure HIPAA Compliant Email: ADA Business News

Outlook Plugin for HIPAA Compliant SecureMail

A recent publication of ADA News Business Resources highlights the much-anticipated release of an encrypted HIPAA compliant email solution from PBHS. With the SecureMail plugin, Microsoft® Outlook users can now send and receive patient information safely via their email program without violating HIPAA.

Up until now, electronic sharing of sensitive documents, images and x-rays has been limited to website interfaces. With PBHS’ Outlook plugin, however, practices can now share sensitive documents from any source, including practice software, right from the Outlook email program.

Practices can now share sensitive documents right from the Outlook email program.

A Simple HIPAA Solution
With a simple download, Outlook users can add instant functionality to their email program that will save the practice time and reduce risk.

Benefits include:

  • Email Functionality: No more logging in and out of websites to send patient documents and x-rays – the plugin operates right within Microsoft® Outlook itself.
  • Practice Software Integration: Share from your practice software with the click of a button. The data will automatically be passed through the plugin for encryption.
  • Affordability: $3 per month for the plugin, $10 per month for a compatible SecureMail account.**
  • No storage limits, and you can send files up to 100 MB.
  • Anyone can join!

Would you pay $3 a month for peace of mind?
Finally, there is a HIPAA-compliant email solution to help your dental practice grow safely, without costing you time or excessive money. With a simple download from the MyPBHS® portal, you are ready to use your Outlook account to send encrypted emails, x-rays and other attachments.*

PBHS is the ADA Business Resources Endorsed Provider for website design and marketing. We work closely with the ADA to help our clients understand the importance of practice marketing and to give them the tools needed for growth.

*Note: Currently available for desktop PC (Windows) use only with Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016.
**Pricing subject to change.

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A Study in Brand Integration

Dr. Anthony Sallustio Practice Branding Mobile Phone and Logo by PBHS

Take a close look at Dr. Anthony Sallustio’s new website, logo, and business cards, and you will see subtle elements of his newly remodeled office throughout. A perfect illustration of “brand integration,” the two makeovers occurred closely together for increased impact in the practice’s local and online presence.

Custom Brand Integration

Dr. Sallustio Business Cards by PBHS Graphic DesignAs someone who clearly understands the importance of marketing to his profession, Dr. Sallustio, a Prosthodontist in Ocean Township, NJ, wanted to be involved in the design of his new website and branded assets as much as possible. His previous website was outdated and his logo had layout issues that did not show well on modern digital marketing venues such as social media.

Working with the PBHS graphic design team, Dr. Sallustio initiated his online remodel with a logo modification and website redesign, and then progressed to stationery and printed items. During the consultation, Dr. Sallustio and his designer talked about incorporating some of the most striking parts of the physical (building) remodel, such as the textured wall coverings and color scheme, into the new digital and print designs. These elements (textured gray and red) are reflected in the new website and logo.

“… making a new design gave us the opportunity to fine tune elements from our first website. The team at PBHS is always helpful and responsive, particularly with design for the site and logo.”
– Dr. Anthony Sallustio

The Result?

A brand new, design-forward, mobile-friendly website and a logo that is valid across all digital branding platforms, including social media.

Congratulations Dr. Sallustio on a redesign well done!

PBHS offers a full menu of marketing services to dentists and specialists that includes website design, graphic design, SEO and social media. Get your marketing strategy on a modern course by contacting us at (800) 840-5383 or filling out a consultation form.

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Working with Third-Party SEO Providers: What Does Google Think?

Have you ever wondered: What does Google think about hiring an SEO provider? As it turns out, according to the Google My Business Help guide Working with third-parties, Google thinks it’s a great solution for busy business managers like you, provided that you follow a few guidelines.

Working with Third Party SEO ProvidersWhen Working with Third Party SEO Providers, Google makes it clear:


  • Look for Experience: Find out if they have managed SEO for businesses in your market before. PBHS specializes in SEO for dental, medical and specialists.
  • Learn About Google My Business: Understanding how Google My Business works will help you choose and assess third parties more effectively. PBHS encourages client education and participation – we want you to understand SEO like we do!
  • One at a Time: Only work with one SEO consultant at a time. This is the most effective way to assess skill levels. (Doubling up will only cause confusion when collecting performance data.)
  • Check in Regularly: Dedicate time periodically to check in on your SEO progress to make sure you are staying ahead of the pack. PBHS sends regular reports to all SEO clients and makes available to them a variety of analytics all in one dashboard. Our account managers are also available to discuss your campaign with you.

DON’T Work with Consultants who:

  • Guarantee Placement on Google: Red Flag! No one can influence your position on Google Search or Maps. If a vendor guarantees placement, he or she is likely using malicious methods that may get you penalized.
  • Hide Specifics of your Analytics: SEO providers should be transparent, willing to share your statistics with you at any time.
  • Threaten to Remove Your Listing: No one can remove your business listing from Google without your permission.
  • Say they Work for Google: If someone contacts you saying they work for Google, insist that they email you from their account (not gmail) to confirm their employment at Google.
  • Have Hidden Fees and Pricing: Just as you would when working with any vendor, get a copy of your agreement with your SEO provider prior to working with them to avoid mischievous pricing.

PBHS Launch Local experts provide skilled, targeted SEO services to practices looking to streamline and maximize this crucial aspect of their digital marketing. Get started today by contacting us at (800) 840-5383 or filling out a consultation form.

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Is Your Practice Marketing Up to Speed?

Marketing takes time, so it’s no wonder that it often takes a backseat in today’s busy dental office. With a few simple steps online, practices can support and accelerate their traditional marketing efforts to ensure steady expansion for many years to come.PBHS client Dr. Donald Keith and his son, Bill In the December edition of ADA News, PBHS client Dr. Donald Keith and his son, Bill, discuss how they revitalized a waning online presence, resulting in an increase in business by 2-3 new patients per week.

Dental-Specific Sites

When Bill Keith took over business management of his dad’s practice three years ago, he quickly realized that one of the first things that needed attention was the website. Through patient tracking, he knew that their old, outdated website was no longer drawing new patients. Recognizing that he didn’t have time to write all of the content they would need or maintain and update the site regularly, Bill researched new website options and came across PBHS’ dental-specific, turn-key websites.

There is no question that our website and search engine optimization effort pays for itself. It probably pays for itself within the first few days each month. –Bill Keith

Making Marketing Work for You

A good business manager knows that marketing is the key to the future of any organization. A great business manager knows that any money spent on marketing should always result in growth. Bill discovered early on that 2-3 new patients per week find them directly through their new website and search results (Search Engine Optimization, also provided by PBHS).

Your Dental Website: Why does it matter?

  • Education: Dr. Keith and Bill understand that patients have a strong desire to educate themselves early on in the selection process. If your website doesn’t have the information they are looking for, they will go elsewhere to find it and, ultimately, you may lose that patient to competition.

All PBHS websites come with comprehensive, specialty-specific content that is editable by clients.

  • Personalized Content: Just as important as health information to the potential patient is personalized content such as doctor bios and staff photos. These personal touches allow you to build a relationship with future patients before even meeting them.
  • Social Media: Integrating your website with social media updates builds confidence with patients and boosts search rankings at the same time. Dr. Keith and Bill have left this task up to PBHS as well, with twice-weekly social media posts that are customized and branded to look like they are being posted by the practice.

We know that marketing is often the last thing on your mind. However, an outdated, neglected website can work against your business.

Get your marketing up to speed with a complimentary consultation with a PBHS dental marketing advisor at 800.840.5383.

PBHS is the internet marketing company endorsed by ADA Business Resources. We work closely with the ADA to help our clients understand the importance of practice marketing and to give them the tools they need to succeed.

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