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Best Branding and Logo Design for Your Dental Practice

Best Branding and Logo Design for Your Dental Practice Branding is instrumental to the success of your dental practice and is a reflection of you, your team, and your business. It intimately impacts perceptions and attitudes that drive brand choice and practice selection. A powerful and memorable brand will resonate with your ideal patients and […]

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Best Dental Website SEO Tips for 2021

Best Dental Website SEO Tips for 2021 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. How can you take action to ensure your practice website ranks at the top of Search and is seen by your potential patients? Implement the following 10 tips to nail your SEO strategy and attract and convert more […]

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How to Grow Your Practice with ADA TV

How to Grow Your Practice with ADA TV A solid patient engagement strategy is essential for growing a thriving dental practice. There’s no better action plan than the transformation of your waiting room and consult room with ADA TV, a high-definition, Internet TV streaming service that educates and entertains patients while they wait. From seamlessly […]

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Online Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Practice

Digital Marketing Strategies to Expand Your Practice Your guide to strengthening your marketing You’ve invested in a professional dental website and strategic search engine optimization campaign, but what can you do to get more new patients now? What does it take to tailor your online presence and marketing strategy to truly grow your dental practice? […]

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Discover the Most Popular e-Forms Solution in Dentistry: truForm™

Discover a new way to register your patients: truForm™ Making it easier than ever to keep records When it comes to finding new ways to improve your dental practice, modernizing your patient intake systems is a must. Secure online patient e-forms, such as PBHS truform™, are revolutionizing the way patients and practices expedite the completion […]

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Best Dental Websites 2020

The Best Dental Website Designs of 2020 As we round out 2020, the PBHS team is ready to celebrate our clients’ successes during these tumultuous times. We reviewed the award-winning, custom-designed dental websites that we’ve developed over this past year and were blown away! From captivating content and sleek designs to interactivity and overall functionality, […]

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Dental SEO Best Practices 2021

Dental and Medical SEO Best Practices for 2021 If your website is not ranking on page one of Google, the truth is no one is seeing it. It takes a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to ensure your practice website shows up at the top of Google, ahead of your competition. So, as we […]

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PPC Best Practices for 2021

2021 PPC Best Practices You have a beautiful website, but you’ve discovered that the adage “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to patients finding your website instead of the competition. It’s up to you to place your services in their direct line of vision, and one of the […]

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5 Reasons Your Practice Should Respond to Patient Google Reviews

5 Reasons Your Practice Should Respond to Patient Google Reviews Over 92% of patients read online reviews, which represents a huge opportunity for your practice to build connections with current and potential patients, boost your rankings on Google, and cultivate a professional and empathetic online reputation that drives more new patients through your doors. Why […]

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How Social Media Helps Maximize SEO for Your Dental Practice

How Social Media Helps Maximize SEO for Your Dental Practice How do social media and SEO work together? If you’ve done your homework, you may have found that there’s some debate over whether or not social media directly impacts SEO ranking. Refresher: SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is a strategy focused on […]

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