Turn More Website Visitors into Patients with Launch Chat AI

An essential part of a seamless, robust online presence is making the content on your dental website not only relevant, but also easily accessible. Wouldn’t it be nice if your patients’ online experiences mirrored the personal approach you deliver in your office – a warm welcome with individualized assistance?

Enter Launch Chat Ai, the perfect website partner. Launch Chat Ai provides a 24/7, cutting-edge digital chat receptionist which simplifies your patients’ experiences as they navigate your site, ensuring they effortlessly retrieve the information they seek.

Immediately upon landing on your practice website, your visitors are greeted by Launch Chat Ai and provided with answers and quick-links to routine questions. Whether the patient needs to book an appointment or learn about their treatment options, Launch Chat Ai does it all.

Launch Chat Ai answers routine questions.

The most prominent feature of the Launch Chat Ai solution is that it seamlessly guides patients through your site content by providing timely instructions in a conversational question-and-answer format.

The smart chat module begins by welcoming visitors with an informational caption about your practice and then provides them with ever more specific options.  Visitors may be prompted to explore your patient testimonials, welcome videos, or meet the doctors to learn why they should choose your practice. Launch Chat Ai then continues to offer assistance all the way though guiding the patient to book an appointment.

Launch Chat Ai promotes the services you offer.

In addition to answering general questions about your exceptional care, Launch Chat Ai displays and promotes all of your top dental services, from clear aligners to implants, so there’s never any question about whether they’ve come to the right practice. The Learn About Us prompt presents patients with a curated list of your most critical services, and there’s also the option to review your entire menu directly through your services page.

Sought-after details, like animated educational videos that provide context regarding the procedure in question, are all included to make the online experience comprehensive, convenient, and simple.

And the best part is patients don’t need to know exactly what they are looking for. Perhaps they’ve arrived on your site because of a cracked or broken tooth. By simply entering “cracked tooth,” they are presented with the service or services that are most appropriate.

Launch Chat Ai streamlines scheduling and increases efficiency.

Launch Chat Ai directly facilitates the rapid completion of critical care tasks. Right out of the gate, patients are prompted to select from a variety of relevant options. If they’d like to book a new appointment, they can send a request or be taken directly to the online scheduling page. For those desiring to complete their patient registration ahead of time, they have the option to log in to their online portal or complete the forms quickly online. Perhaps the most widely used and appreciated convenience provided by Launch Chat Ai is the ability to make a payment online. Straightforward and accommodating, Launch Chat Ai takes the hassle out of these sometimes-tedious tasks. And best of all, Launch Chat Ai is completely customizable. Every client’s Ai can be customized to provide information and services based solely on the needs and scope of your practice.

Launch Chat Ai directs patients to live help.

There are times when a patient just needs to talk to a live person. Launch Chat Ai can make that happen too! Website visitors can call your office directly from the chat box. There’s also a Live Help button which collects the patient’s contact info for a call back or to connect them to a live representative.

As a direct link between you and your patients, Launch Chat Ai sends your patients to the right spot at the right time, providing the excellent patient experience they crave. Expedite patient wait times, speed up care delivery, and optimize workflow with the newest chat box technology available. Discover how Launch Chat will improve efficiency, create better patient experiences, and grow your practice by turning more website visitors into patients.

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