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PBHS Presents Dr. Sharon Russell

PBHS was honored to receive these kind words from one of our clients, Dr. Sharon Russell. Here’s what she said: PBHS is truly an outstanding and exceptional company! As a surgeon and owner of The Maryland Oral Surgery Group, I was in need of marketing material and a public forum. I am truly blessed to have been introduced to PBHS! Of course […]

Make Your Practice Mobile- iPhone/iPad Friendly Websites From PBHS

With the recent release of Apple’s iPad and continued sales of the iPhone and iPod Touch, there are now millions of people browsing the internet from their mobile devices. Is your website compatible? Is your practice’s information accessible? . . With PBHS’s iPhone/iPad compatibility, current and future patients can browse through patient education, practice information […]

PBHS Presents Joe Niamtu III, DMD

I will be the first to admit that I am a control freak. While developing my website, PBHS has mirrored the high standards that I hold my practice to. The end result is perfect; not only is the esthetic exactly what I wanted, it better pre-educates my patients, allows them to register online, and I […]