Website Redesign Reflects Dental Practice’s Clinical Excellence

How changing a website can change your entire practice

A spotlight on our amazing clients: Dr. Harjeet Brar

Brar Family Dentistry is a full-service family dental practice that has provided superior, comprehensive dental care to the greater Nashua community since the late 1960s.

In 2013, Dr. Harjeet S. Brar took over the practice and, shortly after, began the process of giving the Nashua building and their new Merrimack location complete facelifts, inside and out, prioritizing advanced technology and patient comfort.

Today, the high-quality dentistry that Dr. Brar and his team provides is reflected in their top-notch modern facilities. From the physical buildings to the state-of-the-art equipment inside, these recent renovations were in-depth and thorough, leaving no stone unturned.

Updated Online Presence

The challenge for PBHS was to create an updated online presence that aligned with Brar Family Dentistry’s modern, sleek, and clean physical space and superior clinical care.

“What happened was we renovated every physical aspect of our practice with modern facility upgrades and high-end technology, and our online presence no longer matched who we were,” said Office Manager, Ginell Sosa.

The old practice website had poor engagement and an outdated user experience, so PBHS sought to flip the narrative by focusing on maximizing ease-of-use and new patient conversions.

Enhanced User Experience Through Dental Website Design

Together, PBHS and Brar Family Dentistry launched a complete website-redesign makeover to boost conversion rates and better reflect who Brar Family Dentistry is as a top dental institution in their area. Specifically, we sought to attract, engage, and captivate more new potential patients with a user-friendly, high-ranking design featuring Brar’s clinical excellence and patient-centric philosophy.

We began by building a brand that cultivates a lasting, emotional impression and attracts and converts more new patients. For starters, this required a practice logo refresh so that it matched the new website’s polished aesthetic.

Next, we sought to transform the old, static web pages into ones that have high-quality imagery and masterfully incorporated video content that establish trust, show their specialized knowledge and extraordinary results, and invite patients right inside the practice. In addition, we created clear and concise messaging to draw in potential patients and we bolstered their dental care content with updated procedural pages throughout to better educate both new and returning patients.

Finally, we developed a simple navigation schema that is intuitive, quick, and easy-to-use to enhance the user experience and ensure that critical information is easy to find. We also added doctor bios and profile pictures, so potential patients could get to know the staff and the entire team, and we placed clear CTA (call-to-action) buttons in prime locations above the fold, enabling them to act decisively and with ease.

Going further, secure online patient registrations, including standard and custom forms, were developed and incorporated into their website to save patients and staff time, as well as achieve a paperless office.

A Seamless Transformation

Office Manager Ginell Sosa was instrumental in the Brar Family Dentistry website renovation, and she attributed her success to their team’s partnership with PBHS, “PBHS came along and made the whole process seamless as they completely transformed our site.”

The result was an up-to-date, fully secure, mobile-friendly site that enhanced patient engagement. With interactivity of video assets and patient testimonials, potential patients are now given an authentic impression of the high-end practice.

“Our new website finally gives potential patients an accurate representation of our high-end practice. It truly portrays the clean, modern aesthetic we’ve worked so hard to achieve and immediately instills trust in our clinical excellence. We couldn’t be happier.”

With their new website in place, Brar Family Dentistry can focus on what they do best, care for the patients in their community, while PBHS continues to manage, provide support, and improve the site. PBHS and Brar Family Dentistry’s relationship continues to grow and yield excellent results and opportunities. We are thrilled to partner with such a dynamic practice and skilled group of people.

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