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Launch Chat
Triple your online patient
bookings with Launch Chat

With Launch Chat, your website visitors will be able to talk to real humans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Missed engagements with visitors on your website are missed opportunities; we know how hard it is to attract patients to your site – don’t let them slip away! We’ll capture leads for your practice, so you can focus on providing quality care.

What Makes Launch Chat effective?
Connect Online Visitors To Your Office Phone
During your office hours when a visitor expresses interest in scheduling an appointment, we connect them to your staff phone line in real-time. This allows for immediate bookings. This process dramatically increases conversion numbers and earns you more patients!
Catch Visitors After Business Hours
The Internet doesn't sleep and neither do we; 30% of the leads we generate are outside of normal business hours. People checking your website after hours are converted quickly by chatting with our live staff; patients usually stop their search for a different practice when they converse with one our staff, a live and helpful chat person.
Available 24/7/365
Working around the clock, we catch leads for you that might be otherwise missed as well as comfort patients with unlimited communication and support. With our reliably professional chat service greeting and assisting your patients, you will develop an impeccable reputation that will help your practice grow.
Launch Chat is Specialized Just For You
Our chat flow comes from what we’re good at: understanding your specialty. We customize our conversations based upon your individual practice needs and personality. We’ll also share our best practices, cultivated from our years of experience in the community. We are here to help your business grow!
Effective Integration with SEO and Ads
We integrate our Launch Chat into all of your SEO and online Advertising Campaigns. All campaign reporting will include your chat conversion analytics. We don't just replace leads - we increase them! We won't cannibalize your existing leads by swapping them with chat leads. Instead, Launch Chat engages and then converts visitors who would have otherwise left your website anonymously. With Launch Chat, you can give your visitors a personal connection with your practice that SEO and Advertising cannot do alone.
Chat Portal with Transparent Results
You will be given access to our secured chat portal, which documents all live chat conversation transcripts. We also provide monthly reports, which contain all useful stats and user engagement trends on your website. We’ll show a complete picture of our performance, so you can see the results you’re paying for!
Security & PBHS Compliance
We take your trust in us very seriously. Our Launch Chat service falls under our Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to ensure our live chat and your information is secure and compliant.
It’s Easy to Add Launch Chat
to Your Website!

Launch Chat supplies you with a team of exemplary chat agents to grow your business. We are never sick, late, or on vacation. We handle chat for you, so you can focus on your practice!

Sign up for Launch Chat at a Fraction of the Cost!

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