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PBHS dental website design offers the most powerful marketing for your practice. Custom design and content that ignites patient engagement and drives growth.

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Website Design

There's a reason why ADA Member Advantage endorsed PBHS Inc - Expertise in Dental Website Design and Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher with PBHS Launch Dental! Three stellar search engine marketing programs that will optimize your site, advertise your practice and engage patients.

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Practice Branding

A powerful practice logo and printed graphic identity conveys a multitude of information to existing and prospective patients. In an instant, a practice’s logo will influence a patient’s feelings about the doctor’s professionalism and ultimately the quality care they provide.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the new word of mouth marketing. Engage patients, promote positive testimonials, and market your practice. Let PBHS act as your in-house social media representative.

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Video Marketing

Take your website to the next level and make a profound first impression on your potential patients with PBHS Launch Video in-office video production services. Our team of videographers will come to your office and create stunning, professional, high definition videos of your practice.

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PBHS dental website design offers the most powerful marketing tools for your practice – generating prospective patients, driving growth and increasing case acceptance. How do you know if your current website is living up to its full potential? Start with a complimentary review of your current website and receive immediate tips for improvement.

With over 7,000 clients and 35 years of experience working with dentists, PBHS helps build a strong and unique dental website presence through exceptional design, video production, search engine optimization, reputation marketing and social media campaigns. PBHS also offers a complete line of dental branding and practice marketing services, including logo design, marketing collateral, targeted direct mail campaigns, and custom advertisements.

With gorgeous modern designs, simple drag and drop editing tools, and complimentary support – a professional dental website and marketing campaign can be implemented for your practice with proven results.

As an innovative dental website designer, PBHS knows what it takes to create a successful online presence, and offers the absolute best quality, leading edge products and services at an excellent value.

Call PBHS today for a free assessment: Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383
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