Benefits of Secure Online Patient Registration E-Forms

Easy Patient Registration Online

Most patients dread the paperwork and administrative procedures that come with visiting the dentist—the waiting in line, the same questions they’ve answered for years, the seemingly endless process that can drag on and on. Secure online patient registration e-forms change all that, removing the cumbersome, inefficient, and sometimes never-ending trail of papers and questionnaires.

Using secure online patient registration e-forms not only makes the entire dental experience much more pleasant for your patients but streamlines front desk duties for your staff as well. HIPAA compliant and conveniently designed to be integrated or standalone, e-forms are a financially sound solution. Here’s why it’s time for you to embrace today’s latest paperless technology.

What are secure online patient registration e-forms?

Secure online patient registration e-forms are electronic dental forms that make life easier on everyone involved, including your patients and staff. RevenueWell Forms and PBHS truForm™ are electronic form solutions that enable patients to transmit their Private Health Information (PHI) prior to their visit. Use RW Forms or truForm™ as a PMS integrated form solution or a standalone form solution, whichever works best for your practice.

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RW Forms and truForm™ include Patient Registrations, Health Histories, Privacy Policies, Fees & Payments, COVID Disclosures, Referral Forms, Informed Consents, and more. These e-forms even securely capture digital signatures to from home using with PC, tablet, or smart phone. And they’re completely customizable, so you can make sure they match your practice and brand. [link to previous blog on branding]

Increase Patient & Staff Satisfaction

Make life easier on your patients and staff by speeding up the intake process and streamlining operations. Many of your patients aren’t excited to be at the dentist to begin with, so helping to ease the burden by providing a fast and smooth check in leads to better patient experiences.

Secure online patient registration e-forms are easy to complete on smartphones and tablets, no matter where your patients are. Since at least 20% of your patients use their phones exclusively for internet access, this convenience is a game changer for them. Patients can access the forms right through your website and through direct links in emails you send them—your automated patient messaging.

Save Time & Money

Secure online patient registration e-forms allow your staff to focus on patient care rather than paperwork and red tape. It frees your team up to put time and energy toward health-related tasks. The elimination of handwritten registration information and oral responses cuts down on errors due to illegible or inaudible answers.

In addition to reducing the number of front desk data entry errors, secure online forms do away with medication management mistakes when truForm uses Lexi-comp®, a current medication database with a curated picklist of standard medications to choose from, that is automatically integrated with the form.

When you consider the time and money you spend on paper charts and copying, filing, and printing, secure online forms are an excellent return on investment. Most of your patients (on average about 70% of patients) choose to pre-register online, so you’re saving hours in chart documentation each day. Dental offices that use RW Forms see an average annual revenue increase of $73,000.

Provide Security and Peace of Mind

You know the importance of ensuring the privacy of your patients’ data. RW Forms and truForm™ help to create peace of mind because the e-forms solutions are HIPAA compliant. The online forms securely capture patients’ past medical records, radiographs, and ePHI with RW Form and truForm™ submissions. All personal information and health history are secured using the highest level of encryption and security possible.

Ready to get started?

Say good-bye to clipboards, office supplies, and endless files of paper while saving time and money. Go green today with secure online patient registration e-forms. Contact one of our marketing experts to get started today!





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