Discover a new way to register your patients: truForm™

Making it easier than ever to keep records

When it comes to finding new ways to improve your dental practice, modernizing your patient intake systems is a must. Secure online patient e-forms, such as PBHS truform™, are revolutionizing the way patients and practices expedite the completion of patient registrations, health histories, privacy policies, payments and fees, informed consents, as well as COVID-19 disclosures. PBHS truForm™ is safe, secure, and HIPPA compliant, and implementation at your practice will safeguard the security of your patient’s protected health information (PHI).

A Streamlined Patient Registration Process

With all the extra clutter in our lives, who doesn’t appreciate a streamlined process? Your patients will thank you for providing them with one less paper form to worry about or forget at home as they complete secure forms online. And your busiest patients can fill them out on the go, right through your practice website on their mobile devices. This includes built-in e-signature technology to rapidly collect patient authorization.  TruForm™ not only saves your patients time by accelerating the registration and check-in process but also increases practice productivity. No longer just wishful thinking, charts can be fully completed prior to the patient’s initial consultation, especially when included as links in your patient welcome packet emails.

The Power of Up-To-Date Information

Gone are the days of misplaced records and incorrect data. TruForm™ integrates patient information directly with your practice management software, keeping all information in one place and saving your practice valuable time. TruForm™ even features a built-in Lexi-comp® clinical drug database which facilitates the precise documentation of patient medications and eliminates data entry errors. Patients submit all PHI and attachments, such as insurance cards, x-rays, and pasts dental records, directly through truForm™ registrations. The result, accurate and up-to-date medical records that will expedite your delivery of care and help prevent adverse drug reactions and help ensure the safety of your patients.

Customization for Your Needs

TruForm™ is not a generic, every-dental-practice-has-the-same-design kind of e-forms solution. On the contrary, your e-forms can be customized to match your current forms, tailor-made with your logo and branding. You can even set required form fields and completion percentage requirements to ensure you collect the right data with each submission and that forms are completed in their entirety.  TruForm™ Informed Consents can be created for your procedural interventions (i.e. dental implant with bone grafting informed consent). Simply log into your secure forms portal, fill out the pertinent procedural information, such as diagnosis, treatment plan, sedation selected, graft type, etc., and invite the patient to sign off. They’re good to go. If you like, you can also set up payments and fees forms to easily collect revenue online and after hours.

Ready to save time and money?

With PBHS truForm™, practices can expect approximately 70% of patients to pre-register prior to consultations, reducing your practice hours spent in chart preparation time. This proven e-forms solution not only saves time and money, but it also eliminates data entry errors and the hassle of misplaced paper forms. Don’t wait any longer. Act now. Contact a PBHS specialist to get started with truForm™ today.

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