What is truForm™?

Paperless Dental Patient Registration

truForm™ is a secure patient e-form solution that has revolutionized patient intake and registration in dental and medical practices across the country. With truform™, patients can safely transmit their Private Health Information (PHI) prior to their initial visit, right through your practice website. Patients pre-register and complete forms from their computer, tablet, or mobile device and easily include attachments, such as insurance cards, x-rays, and past dental records. truform™ streamlines the patient registration process and provides you with a completed chart before your patients arrive to your office.

What is included in truForm™?

PBHS truform™ is a comprehensive e-forms solution that allows patients and practices to expedite the completion of patient registrations and referrals, health histories, privacy policies, payments and fees, informed consents, as well as COVID-19 disclosures. Secure digital patient e-signatures are collected right through the forms, and submitted patient data directly integrates with your practice management software. This completed information can then be verified by your front desk, accepted, and automatically added to the appropriate patient chart, saving your practice valuable time and eliminating data entry errors.

Will truForm™ integrate with my practice software?

PBHS truform™ integrates with most dental and specialty practice software systems, including  WinOMS™, OMSVision™, Online Medsys™, DSN™, PerioVision™, EndoVision™, Open Dental™, and many more.

Is truForm™ secure and HIPAA compliant?

Yes! truForm™ is a completely secure and HIPAA compliant e-forms solution, allowing you to transmit ePHI with ease and confidence.

Can e-forms be customized for my practice and specialty?

Absolutely! Send us your forms, and we’ll digitize them for you, customizing them to match your current forms or designing a fresh look from scratch. We can even incorporate your practice logo and contact information at the top of each form. Whatever your specialty, we have the expertise to develop the comprehensive form solution you need.

What type of information is covered in the online registration form?

Our patient registration e-form packets include sections addressing patient demographics, insurance information, comprehensive dental and medical histories, and patient medications and allergies as well as COVID Disclosures. All forms can be customized to meet your needs.

How does truForm™ save my practice time and money?

truForm™ provides an immediate return on your investment, saving you the cost of paper charts and hours of clerical work spent copying, filing, scanning, and printing. In fact, a typical practice experiences more than 70% of their patients pre-registering daily through the truForm™ solution, resulting in hours in chart documentation time saved each day.

What is Lexi-comp®?

Lexi-comp® is an up-to-date medication database that is directly accessed from within truForm™. When patients are documenting their medications, they are presented with a curated picklist of standard medications, dosages, and frequencies for easy, rapid selection, eliminating errors with medication management and limiting the chances of adverse events.

Can I do Informed Consents with truForm™?

Yes! truform™ Informed Consents are our latest addition to this incredible e-forms solution. These Informed Consents are easy to use and can be created for each surgical procedure that requires documentation. Simply select the Informed Consent e-form appropriate for the given procedure, fill out the diagnosis, treatment, anesthesia, graft site/type, etc., and then invite the patient to sign off on the completed document. E-signatures are fast and accurate, and it greatly simplifies the case acceptance process. Some Informed Consent examples can be seen here: Tooth Extraction and Dental Implant with Grafting.


Ready to start saving time and money with secure online forms for your practice website? Contact one of our truForm™ specialists and get started today! Your patients and staff will thank you!


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