Top 6 Things to Consider When Creating Your Dental Practice’s Brand

How you can make your practice’s brand stand out

Branding and rebranding are words we hear frequently these days—and for good reason. Research shows that more people (around 59%) choose a business that they are familiar with over one they don’t know. After all, in the age of Nike and Apple, nothing embodies the familiarity and reliability of a well-known brand like its eye-catching logo and clever tagline.

Top 6 Things to Consider When Creating Your Dental Practice’s Brand

What is the importance of a brand?

A brand differentiates your dental practice from all the others in your area. It holds the power to shape how and what people think of your practice. The goal of a successful branding strategy is to help patients quickly identify your practice and give them a reason to choose you over your competition. From logo design to your story and messaging, each aspect of a solid brand gives meaning to who you are and your mission.

What are you doing to generate awareness of your practice and the services you offer? Wherever you are on the brand building process, here are 6 valuable things to consider:

How memorable is your logo and tagline?

When it comes to brand recognition and nailing a dynamic branding strategy, logo design is king. An impressive logo that instantly triggers practice awareness is one of the most crucial, and sometimes most exciting, steps in creating a solid brand. Since your logo and its tagline appear on everything related to your practice and become your visual identity, this is not an area to cut corners. Invest the time and money it takes to make them exceptional.

With a combined 25 years of experience in dental branding, our PBHS designers dive deep by understanding specialty, your scope of practice, passions, as well as researching your community, demographics and geography. We want to understand the competition in your area and getting to know what makes your practice unique to ensure your logo is memorable and powerful, causing you to stand out.

We provide you with thirteen hours of custom practice logo design and begin by getting to know your practice better through a questionnaire and consultation. Once we’ve gathered as much information as we can, we present rounds of unique logo concepts with corresponding mood boards. After receiving your feedback, we follow up with more rounds of modifications and alterations and send them to you in real-world settings, so you can easily visualize how each would look as encountered by potential patients. Once we’ve achieved a logo design you’re thrilled about, we send you the final logo files in various formats for use in office, embroidery on scrubs, etc.

How does your brand reveal who you are?

Developing your brand means clearly and concisely defining key aspects of who you are so that they are evident to potential patients. Use messaging and voice to reveal what you offer and how these services benefit them. Your doctor bios, profile pages, and team pictures are essential places to reinforce your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT). Weave your credentials and specialties into your branding.

How do you use your brand to tell your story?

A brand provides you the opportunity to speak to patients on a human level and make a direct, emotional connection with them. And this is important because patients only come to dentists that they believe they can trust. Allow them to get to know you and build trust in you through your messaging.

Do you specialize in anxiety-free dentistry? Let patients know you understand their fears. Describe the gentle, pain-free dental care you provide. Your story is what sets you apart from other practices and the reason potential patients will choose you. Don’t just tell your story on your About Us page but repeat it at every touchpoint that potential patients have with your brand.

How well is your brand established on social media?

Educating, communicating, and engaging with patients through social media is an integral part of building a brand. And because over 60% of millennials purchase services from a brand they follow online, leveraging social media should be a top priority for your practice. Once patients have gained your trust and become loyal, they become advocates on social media for your services. Drive brand awareness by taking the time to assess your patients’ preferences and interests and then posting engaging content consistently.  You may even want to consider speaking to PBHS Social Media Specialist who can build and implement your social media strategies designed to increase direct to patient acquisition.

How is your printed material a vehicle for your brand?

Once you’ve created the perfect logo design, makes sure it’s on all your printed material and promotional items to increase instant brand recognition. A professionally designed graphic piece speaks to your professionalism, skill, and credibility. The PBHS online store makes it easy to order business cards, referral pads, stationery, patient education pamphlets, and more.

How does your website reflect your brand?

Perhaps, the most important marketing tool available for building your brand is your website. It’s the place potential patients visit to learn about what you have to offer. How does your practice website reflect the value you provide? Increase your brand visibility by optimizing your website SEO (search engine optimization). And once you’ve been found, offering a pleasant user experience, including a responsive design, and compelling messaging are all integral parts of high-powered, effective branding.

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