10 Proven Dental Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Practice in 2021

As a top dentist, you know that the success of your practice depends on a steady influx of new patients. You don’t need to be told how competitive dental marketing is, especially with dentistry projected to grow globally to over $60 billion by 2024. What you’re looking for are the best strategies to up your marketing game and grow your patient base.

Studies show that over 80% of Americans who are searching for a new dentist and researching their dental issues do it online. So, the key to accelerating practice growth is maximizing your digital presence.

What dental marketing policies must you nail to ensure consistent patient acquisition and practice growth? Implement these ten strategies and you’ll be well on your way.

Design and Optimize a Stunning Website

dental website design, websites for dentists

Like the first impression your patients have as they enter your brick-and-mortar practice, they judge your dental care by the aesthetics and performance of your website. In fact, about 94% of website visitors make a decision about a business based on its website design. And this goes for mobile devices as well.

So, designing and optimizing a stunning website that is user-friendly is step one. Our PBHS web design team creatively threads graphic elements, captivating content, and next-level functionality throughout your site, ensuring page speed and mobile optimization are on point, to attract and engage your ideal patients.

Increase Your Visibility with an Upgraded Google My Business Listing

dental google business listing, google my business, google reviews

One of the most important dental marketing tactics is a skillfully created and optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing. Your GMB is the cornerstone of your SEO strategy because Google interlaces it into endless search experiences, placing your practice’s verified information, including location and hours, in front of potential patients who are already looking for you.

One you’ve set up your GMB account with your email, make sure to complete the verification process and optimize the page so that it’s synced into Google’s Local Map Pack. The GMB set up and local SEO optimization process is a breeze when you’ve got the help of our PBHS experts who have done the research and know the exact amount of relevant info and photos needed to increase your visibility and ensure patients can find you.

Get Found with a Proven Dental SEO Strategy

dental seo, search engine optimization, seo for dentists

Investing in a long-term SEO strategy, including an optimized web design and GMB listing as mentioned above, is paramount to being found online by patients seeking dental care. Ranking at the top of page 1 when patients use a search engine requires streamlining your site’s page structure, linking to authoritative websites, optimizing URL, meta descriptions, and image alt-tags, creating unique content, and incorporating keywords all serve to form a robust SEO strategy.

Whether you’re just beginning or you’re an expert in the SEO world, our PBHS SEO analysts will improve your site ranking with just a few tweaks. Choose from a variety of SEO campaigns for your specialty and attract more patients with increased brand visibility.

Want a quick and effective analysis of how you stack up with your local competition? Check out PBHS’s dental marketing evaluator tool and generate an immediate report on how we can improve your online presence.

See Instant Results with PPC

ppc, dental ppc, ppc for dentists, google ads, ads on google

PPC (pay-per-click) ads land your practice at the most highly ranked places on the search engine results page (SERP), the prime location to be seen by potential patients. In other words, rather than waiting for patients to find you, you can choose the time, locations, and age of the patients you want to target—and see results immediately.

Our PBHS skilled team of Google ads-certified PPC strategists partner with you to create a strong keyword strategy, optimize your dental-specific campaigns, increase engagement with ad extensions, design effective PPC landing pages, and target specific locations. Our team members have the expertise needed to ensure your money is not wasted and your results are optimal. All with the end goal of getting you ahead of your competition.

Build Brand Affinity with Facebook and Instagram

social media for dentists

Facebook has almost 2 billion users alone which makes this social media platform an excellent place for dental marketing. And 9 in 10 Instagram followers, the most popular social media space after Facebook and YouTube, follow at least one business. Clearly a crucial part of the digital marketing puzzle, these social media platforms are channels for building brand affinity and re-targeting and connecting with ideal patients.

Allow our social media experts to repurpose patient reviews and FAQs, create before and after photos and videos, and generate bite-sized infographics that highlight your expertise and experience as part of your social media marketing strategy. We’ll help you incorporate your personality into your posts, a surefire way to captivate and convert potential patients.

Generate More Appointments with Paid Social Campaigns

dental social media, social media for dentists, facebook and instagram for dentists

If there are over 3.8 billion people on social media accounts, you should be there too, especially if that’s potential patients’ go-to research hub for dental issues. And paid campaigns are a cost-effective way to reach patients with useful and convenient targeting tools.

Our PBHS social media specialists provide professional, specialty-based, quality content, that is targeted to the right audience at the right time. Allow us to help you meet potential patients based upon their demographics, interests, and where they live, and you’ll generate 200% more patient appointments. It’s really that simple.

Observe a Spike in New Patient Acquisition with Direct Mail

Just when you thought direct marketing was a thing of the past, new research is showing it ranks as one of the best marketing strategies out there, right after social media marketing. Indeed, direct mail is having a moment. As today’s world seems primarily digital, patients appear to appreciate the more personal connection direct mail provides. And despite its reputation, its return on investment is shocking.

Our PBHS direct mail design team has the inside scoop on what it takes to create a successful campaign that precisely targets your local geographic markets and has an excellent ROI record. We not only help you design your campaign, but we manage the printing and shipping as well. This is an easy yes.

Streamline Administrative Duties with Patient Communication Software

revenuewell, voip

Your typical patient is a busy parent, juggling several family members’ schedules, so appointment reminders are a lifesaver. RevenueWell’s next-generation patient communication software allows you to customize automated appointment reminders and connect with your patients through their preferred contact methods: email, text, and voice.

Our procedure-based messaging system enables you to seamlessly remind patients to pre-register online, sign consents, pre-medicate, and follow care instructions before their appointments. Additionally, our patient communication software serves to keep patients on schedule with their recalls and allows them to request appointments inside their reminder message and chat with you directly. Effortless connections and reputation management—it’s a win-win for all.

Increase Bookings with Expert Logo & Brand Development

dental logo, dental practice logo, new logo, design for dentists, logo for dentists

An expertly designed dental website with powerful branding and logo design will drive patient engagement and set the stage for continued practice growth and increased bookings for your practice. And an ill-designed site will send potential patients packing. In fact, Google’s research has shown you’ve got 3 seconds before they move on.

Our team of designers at PBHS blends welcome videos and office tours with a branded color palette and skillfully designed logo to convey your practice’s personality and establish a rapport with prospective patients. Effective branding is what keeps potential patients coming back for more.

Promote Your Dental Services and Drive Patient Engagement with ADA TV

ada tv, tv for waiting rooms, dental waiting rooms

Transform your waiting room and consult room with ADA TV, an Internet TV on-demand and streaming service that entertains, educates, and promotes your high-value services to your patients while they wait. Our PBHS team customizes your ADA TV content and designs an account that is tailored to your practice while continuing to onboard fresh, new content.

What makes ADA TV such an exceptional marketing tactic is the way in which dentists are seeing a direct correlation in increased demand for their procedures that are displayed by their ADA TV system. ADA TV enhances the important relationship between patient education and promoting the services of your practice, leading to greater patient engagement and increased bookings.

Ready to take your dental marketing to the next level?

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