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Social Media may seem like a time-wasting kick to the parents of a modern teenage girl, but to marketers it has become a powerful new supplement to word-of-mouth marketing. Facebook “likes”, Twitter “followers”, and Google+ reviews are the budding methodology for drawing new clients in from the Internet. If just one teenage girl shares the positive experience of her wisdom teeth extraction at your office, it shares your business to all of her high school friends – which means  300 additional Facebookers are exposed to a personal testimonial of your practice. Social Media enables your patients to market for you!


It can be as simple as your patient, Suzy, posting on Facebook, “I just got my wisdom teeth pulled”, and her friend Ellen commenting, “Did it hurt? Who did you see?” Casual communication between friends and family through social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Yelp create opportunities for your practice to drastically increase its online exposure. Using more than one of these platforms increases your visibility exponentially.


Suzy then replies to Ellen, “I went to Dr. Smith. He’s the BEST! Such a nice office and his staff really took care of me” generating a new review. Seemingly benign comments on Facebook are in fact testimonials that will attract new patients and reassure them of your quality of service.  All based off of your existing patients’ comments! Free advertising doesn’t get any easier than this.


Social media platforms are a great way to market the full services your practice offers. It’s easy to present specials and discounts to new and existing patients. Social media also gives your practice the opportunity to engage and respond with your patients. For example, you can “Like” Suzy’s comments, or even write back, letting her know you appreciate her patronage and share your favorite smoothie recipe to enjoy during recovery .


PBHS Dental Website Design offers social media packages designed to help you maximize online social patient interactions.  Our Launch Social campaign is aimed to engage your patients, their friends and family. This concierge based social marketing plan utilizes interesting articles, practice promotions, incentives and videos on the most popular platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, and Email. Gathering positive patient testimonials is also an important part of Launch Social. With our new Launch Survey component, you can place an iPad into the hands of your patients before they leave your office to fill out a customized patient satisfaction survey. Once approved, their testimonial is posted to your website and to your social media accounts.


Social Media is the most popular form of viral marketing.   Don’t get caught thinking it’s a mere gimmick— involved practices see growth because dental social media marketing engages current patients and effectively promotes your practice to new ones. Call PBHS Today at 1-800-840-5383.