Digital Marketing Strategies to Expand Your Practice

Your guide to strengthening your marketing

You’ve invested in a professional dental website and strategic search engine optimization campaign, but what can you do to get more new patients now? What does it take to tailor your online presence and marketing strategy to truly grow your dental practice? A highly successful digital marketing strategy must also include robust online reputation management, 24/7 web accessibility, dynamic engagement through video marketing, and optimal visibility with paid ads. Implementation of these four tactics will place you ahead of your competition in the digital landscape of 2021. Here’s how.

Improve Your Online Reputation with PBHS Launch Survey

More than 68% of prospective patients report that reviews are an extremely important factor as they evaluate the expertise of your practice, making it crucial that you stay on top of your online reputation1.  Fortunately, this can be easily accomplished  by collecting and publishing positive reviews and 5-star ratings through PBHS Launch Survey. Just customize your surveys and send to your patients for easy completion on the device of their choosing.  With a click, automatically publish these reviews and testimonials to your website, to Google, and to your social media platforms like Facebook. And enjoy the luxury of monitoring campaign engagement and patient satisfaction from a survey dashboard all in one place. Thanks to Launch Survey, promoting positive reviews and managing your online reputation has never been easier.

3x More Patient Bookings with PBHS Launch Chat

Another integral part of growing your practice is connecting and engaging with prospective patients the moment they land on your website. You’ve worked hard to drive patients to your website – don’t let them slip away!  PBHS Launch Chat allows you to do just that, providing access to a real human receptionist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while you do what you do best: care for your patients. With 24/7 live online reception, our PBHS Launch Chat specialists capture leads for your practice by catching those after-hours online visitors. And during office hours, we connect patients directly to your staff phone line in real-time, resulting in immediate bookings and ultimately, more patients. Together we develop a chat narrative customized to your practice needs, your service profile, and your personality, ensuring a valuable connection and a smooth hand-off every time. Best of all, these conversations are secure and fully HIPAA compliant.

Drive Website Engagement with Video Marketing

Video as a content marketing format has surged in popularity over the last several years and will give your practice that professional edge over the competition that unequivocally answers the question of why prospective patients should choose you. PBHS Launch Video’s in-house video production services include high definition cameras that capture the exceptional qualities of your practice and the interactions of staff and patients in your office. Our team of videographers will then compile a portfolio of 30-second segments of office tours, doctor introductions, procedural descriptions, staff overviews, and patient testimonials for use in showcasing your practice. Transport patients inside your office and highlight the unique quality of care you provide by replacing static content with personal and dynamic content that will drive engagement and instill trust and confidence in your practice. In fact, using videos on your landing pages can increase patient bookings by more than 86%. So, place your distinguished videos not only on your PBHS website, but also in-office and on social media to further promote your practice.

Get Ahead of the Competition with Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns put you at the top of Google, right where your prospective patients are. PPC, using Google ads, compliments your organic search traffic but goes one step further, appearing at the top of the page, above the organic listings, so your practice will be seen first in Google search results. Simply put, by adding PPC, you can choose the time, locations, age, and other characteristics of the patients that you target and see results right away rather than waiting to be noticed by search engines. Our skilled team of Google ads certified PPC strategists specialize in dental and dental specialty ad creation, from keyword selection to landing page design, and every campaign is optimized to drive quality new patients from Google directly to your practice website. Use this strategic form of advertising to increase your patient appointments and experience an incredible ROI.

Let’s get started!

Ready to take these steps today to increase your patient bookings and maximize your online presence? Get ahead of your competition by keeping on top of your online reputation, adding live chat to your website, implementing PPC into your digital marketing strategy, and including professional videography. Contact our PBHS experts and we’ll help you get started today!


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