Tell Your Practice’s Story with Instagram and Facebook Stories

Make your practice shine online

Social media marketing is the best way to build meaningful and profitable long-term relationships with your patients, referring doctors, and potential patients! For dentists and dental specialists, this means showcasing that your practice is the best choice for superior dental care and a personal and pain-free experience. Here are just some of the ways Instagram and Facebook can help attract and convert more new patients for your practice:

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  • Establish better relationships with your new and existing patients, referring doctors and local community.
  • Attract new patients and referral partners.
  • Showcase your practice’s dental expertise and leadership in the industry.

Social media, specifically Instagram and Facebook Stories, are incredibly popular  tools to tell your story and help your patients feel more comfortable before they’re even in the dental chair. Facebook and Instagram Stories are concise, engaging image montages and video shorts that immediately resonate and connect with patients and clearly reminds them that  the patient experience is your number one priority.

Instagram Stories

With highly enthusiast engagement, Instagram Stories are a great tool to immediately attract and convert new patients for your dental practice. Most importantly, stories make your practice’s content both fun and approachable. If you’re interested in Stories, here’s a few best practices to incorporate:

  • PollsSticker, write a poll (this or that) and customize two answers between which your followers can choose from. This is an incredibly useful tool for cultivating dynamic conversations and gathering audiences’ preferences like, “Which toothpaste do you like best: Crest or Colgate?”
  • Question Sticker, an interactive way to engage with your followers by hosting dental Q&A sessions, collecting practice feedback, or asking your followers what they would like to see from your practice.
  • Mention Sticker, tag another Instagram account in your story. These are great to use for employee-oriented posts and cross-promoting your referral doctor network.
  • Hashtag Sticker, create a clickable hashtag for your Stories. You can feature your practice’s own branded hashtag. At PBHS, our branded hashtag is #WeSpeakDental.
  • Tutorial, a great alternative to the traditional dental educational post. Dental “how-tos” can be broken down into appealing and engaging short videos on your Story that increase engagement and showcases your practice’s expertise.

Facebook Stories and Facebook LIVE

Facebook hosts billions of users every day, making the platform one of the broadest networks for the dental industry to take advantage of. Facebook is an intimate social platform used by friends and family, so use Facebook to help build deep and trusting relationships with your patients:

  • Share photos of your team and office, as well as happy patients in and out of the chair.
  • Provide updates about your practice and ask for patient input.
  • Show off a patient, smile makeover or team member of the month.
  • Run a Facebook LIVE Q&A!
  • Provide dental tips and tricks and answer frequently asked questions.

As always, remember to keep all your social media efforts HIPAA-compliant. Everyone who appears in your Stories and LIVE streams must have consented to doing so by signing a release form.

Instagram and Facebook Stories are a great avenue for engaging with patients and promoting your practice in 2021. To learn more about how Social Media strategies can be implemented to grow your practice, click here or call us at 800-840-5383.

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