Facebook LIVE Tips & Tricks

Hosting your first Facebook LIVE event

By now, you’ve probably heard about Facebook Live – Facebook’s live video streaming tool that generates 6x as many interactions as regular videos. Facebook Live can help your practice reach new audiences while promoting interactive conversations with your fans in real time. We know the process of going live on social media can feel daunting, so we’re here to provide a few tips to get you comfortable jumping in.

Set your live event date ahead of time.

Promoting the event in advance will allow you time to prepare, drive more event traffic, and improve the overall outcome.


Get creative with your live event structure.

Facebook Live is a great time to experiment with different topics and styles. Try hosting a live Q&A about popular medical or dental procedures, provide a product or treatment demonstration, and add in fun giveaways or contests for even more engagement!


Schedule staff support.

Identify someone in your office to be the event “host.” This may be a doctor, hygienist, or practice administrator. You will also need another staff member to film (mobile phones are fine) and it doesn’t hurt to have a third person available for back-up support.


Use a tri-pod and lav mic.

Avoid a shaky video by using tri-pod (with phone adapter) to keep your phone stable and use a lav mic to improve your video sound quality. Both of these are inexpensive purchases on Amazon.


Keep it HIPAA compliant.

Everyone who appears in your live stream must have consented to doing so, by signing a release form. Take note of everyone in the surrounding area and make sure that you have the proper release forms signed to use the stream on social media.


Repurpose your live video.

After your live stream is over, the recorded video will still remain on your timeline. Share in future posts and link to it in your blogs or other social channels.


The great thing about Facebook Live is that all of your followers will be notified when the live stream begins, putting you in front of your audience and ahead of competitors. Watch your followers jump on and off stream (indicated by the eye-shaped icon), enjoy emoticons fly across the feed as viewers start to interact, and enjoy live comments and questions.


Ready to go LIVE?


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