Here are 5 Reasons to Make the Most out of Social Media Advertising


Today, 70% of all American internet-users are on social media and most, on a daily basis. Imagine how many potential and current patients are sifting through your competitors’ images and posts online at this moment. At the end of the day, if you’re not competing amongst your peers, you won’t be chosen. It’s that simple.

Here’s five reasons why you should prioritize social media advertising in 2020.

The New Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

The original word-of-mouth started with people interacting and sharing preferences. Social media has helped word-of-mouth become more powerful and pervasive as its digital capacities make it trackable, optimizable and viral. This means you have a front row seat to what’s being said. As one of the most powerful channels of influence, social media offers opportunities for its users to search for reviews, and Facebook provides a feature which enables users to directly ask for recommendations. It’s happening right there on the app: word-of-mouth recommendations being shared at record speed.



People yearn for connection, and social media has made it easy for dentists and patients to stay connected in a meaningful way. The value patients find in that warm greeting before you begin a procedure and the post-op call afterwards is perceived, today, as comparable to your interactions online. In fact, 71% of social users that have a positive experience with you via social media will recommend your practice to their friends.


Get found!

If one-third of the world is on social media, seize the moment, and take advantage of the opportunity to significantly expand your brand awareness. How likely is it that people online recognize your practice and know what it is that makes you unique? Social media is a great platform for maintaining relationships with your current patients while having the space to be found by new patients. More than any other time in history, practices have the chance to be seen by thousands all at once and with paid advertising, you can further enhance your audience targeting to find and capture those high-value unattached patients.


Unbeatable ROI

You may be wondering if investing your time and efforts in social media is worth the return. The answer is: a thousand times yes. From building brand awareness, trust, and likability to providing a space for your patients to connect and engage, social media marketing may be the best bang for your buck. When your patients are well-informed through your social media storytelling, you’ll have cost savings, improved outcomes, increased inbound traffic to your website, enhanced SEO reach, and higher conversion rates that all yield more patients through your doors.


It’s fun!

Since nearly 75% of Americans have some sort of fear of dental work, use social media to tear down that stigma. Social media gives potential and current patients the opportunity to see the real you. Posting videos of a staff birthday party in the office on social media creates a more lighthearted and enjoyable persona in contrast to that which might be found in pamphlets on the counter. Share your passion and voice as you convey the skilled, yet fun, dentist that you are.


Social media platforms are a playground for engaging with patients and promoting your content. When patients like what they see and socially share your content with their followers, your reach expands and your practice flourishes. Welcome to a new level of social awareness.

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