You are under enormous challenges dealing with this COVID-19 crisis. But you don’t have to face this alone. PBHS is prepared to help provide you and your patients with information that will help get you through these trying times.

Should I Pause or Cancel My SEO Campaign?

As a result of COVID-19 quickly spreading throughout the country, many of you have had to shut down your practice or completely revamp your processes to sideline cosmetic procedures and focus solely on emergency ones. So, pausing your organic SEO or digital marketing campaign may seem to make sense, but remember, this current crisis will end. And organic search is a zero-sum game, so if you drop your SEO campaign, all of your competitors will continue on without you. Instead of staying at the front of the pack, you will fall behind, which will make it more difficult for you to acquire patients when the industry comes roaring back. The dental practices that continue with their marketing efforts will have a big advantage over those who don’t.

Your PBHS SEO analysts are here for you.

PBHS has transitioned to a full-time remote-work environment, which means the SEO team is available and working on your site like we always do. For starters, we have developed a COVID-19 message explaining to patients the steps you are taking to keep the office safe, which we can activate immediately on your web site with an alert that can be anchored at the top or bottom of the homepage, as well as on all pages on the site. You can even customize this message if you’d like. But this is just one service.

Here are ten other SEO opportunities we are providing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

#1 Teledentistry for Video Consults

PBHS SecureVideo provides unlimited encrypted, HIPAA-compliant tele-consultations right through your desktop, iOS, and Android devices. It includes secure two-way clinical chat, screen sharing and file transfers. Easily schedule and invite patients to consult with you online. Practice anytime, anywhere during this current pandemic. This system integrates directly with your PBHS website, and consults may be covered under a patient’s insurance as per updated ADA guidelines. There is even an option for online payments, patient consent forms with e-signature, and multi doctor video collaboration. PBHS also provides your practice with template patient emails and social media signage to promote your new video consultation system. Connect with a sales consultant today for more information!

#2 Keep patients in the loop

This is always crucial, but especially now, we need to make sure your office hours (if they have been modified) are accurate on the web site and on any business listings. Please notify your SEO contact and we’ll make the modifications.

#3 Audit the content on your site

This is a good time for us to audit the content on your entire site. We can suggest topics and create custom pages that can help shed light on some of the current procedures and processes you are focused on during this pandemic.

#4 Engage with your patients

At PBHS we have a Live Chat feature that allows your patients to chat with a live online staffing service. The PBHS service can help broadcast information like office hours or new procedures you are performing. During this COVID-19 crises it can be a useful aid to help you navigate these waters and communicate with your patients.

#5 Revise website content

We can check on any unanswered online reviews that may be posted on the web site, or a business listing, and take the opportunity to say something about the current situation. We can also make sure you have all of the information on your site that you want the public to have at this time.

#6 Move CE courses online

If you have any Continued Education events scheduled that you’ve been collecting attendee information on, we can help you move the event online, and then have another gathering in person at a later time when the pandemic is over.

#7 Refresh your website

If you haven’t refreshed the looks of your website in a long time, this is a great time to brainstorm with our design department on a new look. Working with your SEO analyst we can do a tune-up of the site at the same time, performing changes such as moving menus or pages around the site to better tell the story you are focused on. Connect with a sales consultant today!

#8 Work on link-building

Connections are always good, especially in the current environment. We can run reports to see the number and type of backlinks on your site. You may have some opportunities we can tap into that result in positive backlinks, which are a great SEO boost. We have suggestions we can provide that can also help.

#9 Conduct outreach via social media

If you are using social media to help broadcast a special message or show the world how you are coping with the COVID-19 crisis, we can make sure access to those onramps are in the right places on the site. This is a great way to stay connected with your current audience and patients and keep this important relationship going. We can help you choose topics to use as well, such as dental hygiene in trying times, even when sheltered in place!

#10 Analyze new keywords

We can provide you with keyword rankings and traffic analysis, but during these trying times we will need to focus on keywords we haven’t focused on before. For instance, the new COVID-19 pages are getting a lot of traffic, and we can analyze where the flow is going on the site and suggest opportunities for new SEO optimizations. Remember, you aren’t alone in this.

PBHS has taken action to ensure continued service to our clients, and we’re prepared to help your practice. Please reach out to your SEO Account Manager with any questions or concerns regarding your practice’s social media presence. We’re here to help.