7 Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs Launch Chat

In our fast-paced world, everyone wants answers now, and Launch Chat does just that, providing current and prospective patients with real-time, 24/7 online reception so that appointments can be scheduled immediately and questions answered, all while they are browsing your website. This powerful online staffing service provided by PBHS is one of the most invaluable features available for your practice website.

  1. Creates a great user experience 

Gone are the days when patients have to navigate your website to find answers or fill out forms only to wait for a delayed response. Greeting patients where they are online, seeking information about your services and scheduling appointments, Launch Chat provides instant customer service. A fast, efficient, and convenient response makes your patients feel important, valued, and satisfied. Bottom line: Launch Chat requires minimal effort while creating a pleasant and gratifying online experience for your current and potential patients.


  1. Makes your practice available to patients 24/7

Nothing builds a reputation like easy access. Patients feel valued when they know their dental practice makes themselves available around the clock. During office hours, Launch Chat answers questions and even connects visitors to your in-office receptionist in real-time to schedule appointments. After hour leads are documented and sent to your inside appointment desk to call first thing the next morning. It’s important to remember that over 30% of leads we generate are outside normal business hours, and most website visitors stop their search for other practices once they are greeted through Launch Chat.


  1. Generates new patient conversions 

Prospective patients are on your site right now, and if the office is closed, you have missed an important opportunity. Don’t let this happen. Launch Chat provides the chance for you to virtually hold your prospective patient’s hand and personally walk them through the process of choosing your practice. Whereas delay leads to loss of patients, this effortless service leads to increased conversions and a growing patient base.


  1. Increases effectiveness of marketing strategies

You’ve invested money and time in driving traffic to your website. Launch Chat takes those marketing strategies one step further, potentially sealing the deal. How? Launch Chat allows you to capture and immediately convert leads from SEO, Social Media and online advertising efforts.


  1. Frees up your phone lines and reduces support costs

Launch Chat can do the heavy lifting that traditional phone calls can’t, especially when it comes to answering questions immediately. How so? While your receptionist can only handle phone calls one patient at a time, Launch Chat can engage numerous simultaneous chats at once, enabling your patients to connect with you right away rather than spending time looking for your phone number and then waiting on hold for the right person. We have found that even if your patient has a phone preference, the convenience of Launch Chat often wins out since they are already online. And for the patient that gets intimidated by that initial phone call, Launch Chat lowers the barrier. Make communication for you and your patient easier and less costly by using Launch Chat on your website!


  1. Builds trust with current and potential patients

In this digital world, connecting with a real live person through Launch Chat is refreshing, reassuring, and trust building.


  1. Provides convenience

Convenience is golden and perhaps one of the most obvious reasons every practice should have Launch Chat. Nothing compares to getting answers easily and when we want them. Instant support and immediate answers to simple questions could be the deal breaker for converting and keeping patients. Your patients are on vacation? No problem. Launch Chat provides easy access from anywhere in the world. Practice on vacation or closed for the evening? No problem. Your Launch Chat receptionist works 24/7. In our multi-tasking culture, Live staffing of your website provides an amazing convenience.


Launch Chat is quick, convenient, and patients love it. A core channel of communications that allows you to convert and schedule prospective patients and approach existing patients immediately and directly, Launch Chat is foundational to a successful practice. Don’t wait any longer.


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