What Potential Patients are Looking for in a Dental Website

How you can improve your website to help with your patient’s experiences

If the primary purpose of your dental website is to attract prospects and convert them into appointments, you’ve got to know what those potential patients are looking for. What captivates and engages? What compels a person to take action? What can you do to help facilitate the movement? Ask yourself what is it that makes your practice valuable to potential patients and then go the extra digital mile to show them you have it.


Here are 4 best practices that will help put your website—an around-the-clock marketing tool—in a league of its own:


1.Simple and Easy Navigation

Nothing turns a prospect away quicker than complicated and confusing design. Did you know that 40% of users will leave a site within 3 seconds if they aren’t finding what they’re looking for? So, strategize. Place those buttons where they can most easily be found—the top right of the page. Effective navigation includes a mobile-friendly design. Over half of searches are done on a mobile device these days. Do all you can to ensure that those looking for you can find you.


2. Clear, Convincing Copy

If the goal of a website is to get visitors to schedule an appointment with you, you’ve got to influence their thinking and help them realize how much they need your care. Show them the benefits of your treatments and how they will be better by receiving your services. Do this through concise and engaging copy that empathizes with them and guides them in how to book a consultation with you. All words matter. Make sure yours do.


3. Specialized Credibility

Today more than ever, patients are looking for industry leaders. They want the most specialized doctors, the latest technology, premium materials, the most advanced techniques, all in a state-of-the-art facility. You’ve got to set yourself apart from your competitors as an expert in your field, and one of the most effective ways of doing this is by connecting with patients through a consistent and relevant blog. Not only do blogs improve SEO, but they help establish a reputable brand by providing sought-after information.


4. Positive Reviews

If you follow this blog regularly, you’ve read that 92% of consumers read reviews when searching online. By posting your positive reviews in an accessible location on your site, you’ve got a better chance that prospects will book appointments and you’re showing them how much you value the opinion of your currents patients and your desire to make every effort to provide exceptional experiences every time.


Get started today by implementing subtle changes that will bring significant growth to your practice. Most of these exercises are simple enough for you to make happen right away, but we understand if you’d rather spend your time doing what you do best—caring for your patients. Don’t hesitate to call our expert team at PBHS today. We’re here to help!

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