7 Reasons Dental & Medical Specialists Need SEO


At this very moment, prospective patients in your area are searching online for services you offer. How do you ensure your practice’s website shows up first in a Google search, before your competition?


The answer is—a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy complete with on-page optimization, content strategy, user-interface design and growth management consulting.

1. Maximize Website Visibility to Acquire New Patient Cases

97% of consumers search for businesses online (including dental and medical practices). Search engines are what people use to find what they are looking for. Is your practice the first to pop up? The higher your search engine ranking, the more potential your practice has for acquiring new patients cases online.

2. Optimize Content for User Conversion

SEO is highly targeted, so web traffic—driven by an SEO campaign—has high conversion potential. Skilled SEO Analysts can tap into the searcher’s intent, address the concerns, build trust, and convince the prospect that your practice is the best fit.

3. Help You Compete in Tough Markets

An SEO Analyst runs in-depth analyses of your competitors and wages war, so to speak, by testing strategies and implementing those that prove most effective.

4. Boost Ranking for Keyword Terms Based on Top Procedures

SEO campaigns are customized according to specialty, and SEO Analysts find lucrative keywords and niches with great ROI that save you money in the long run and allow you to focus on what you do best—serve your patients.

 5. Minimize Page Load Time—The 3 Second Rule

More than 83% of visitors expect a page to load in 3 seconds or less, and more than 40% abandon a page if it takes more than those 3 seconds. The longer it takes your page to load, the more likely that potential patient will move on rather than explore your site. This is where an SEO Analyst is key—analyzing and improving page speed, which leads to more user engagement and conversion.

6. Enhance User-Friendly Navigation

Simply put, if your website is not user-friendly, and your potential patients have trouble finding products, services, and information easily, they get lost and move on. An SEO campaign includes design experts who work closely with SEO Analysts, ensuring that user experience and SEO strategies are intricately fused for maximum advantage.

7. Reduce Bounce Rates

A bounce rate is the percentage of single-engagement visits to your website, basically the number of potential patients who didn’t stick around to convert after one look around. High bounce rates are usually symptoms of poor targeting or user experiences—problems avoided when SEO strategies are in place.


Undeniably, SEO is crucial for growing your visibility, improving your rankings, and driving traffic to your site and, ultimately, patients to your practice. PBHS is the leader in SEO marketing for dental and dental specialty practices. Ready to take your practice website to the next level with SEO?


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