In the September publication of ADA News, PBHS client Dental Care of Baltimore shares a very special story of rebranding and practice growth. For many years, Dr. George Evans was the sole dentist practicing at Dental Care of Baltimore. But recently, his daughter and son joined the team. Now the practice consists of Drs. Evans, Evans and Evans – a transformation that allows them to increase the scope and volume of services they provide to the community. Going from one doctor to three was such a significant point of development for the practice, they felt that they needed to get the word out – and they were right.

Rebranding to Educate

When you rebrand your practice or business, you re-educate your followers. Anytime a practice goes through a significant change such as new doctors, locations or services, it is wise to consider rebranding as a tool to define and express those changes to the community. Dental Care of Baltimore accurately saw their expansion as a good reason to rebrand, or, in their words, “to educate and acclimate patients to the staff expansions.”

Rebranding: Considerations to Make

While there are many steps to consider as part of the rebranding process, the following are essential:

  • New design: Does the look of your website or logo need updating?
  • Personalization: Doctor bios and “what sets you apart” are critical elements of a patient-friendly website.
  • Expanding online services: Interactive forms and quick links to review platforms make your site more user friendly than those of your competitors.
  • Displaying reviews: Positive patient testimonials are key to winning conversions.
  • Updated health information: Provide educational content on your website or patients will go elsewhere during the initial research phase.
  • Social media: Social media is an essential tool for reaching new patients.
  • Video: The most popular online media format, video, can no longer be ignored.
    • Dental Care of Baltimore created dynamic, interactive videos for its website using Launch Video. Contact PBHS at Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383 to learn more about this comprehensive video service and sign up.
  • SEO: Make sure prospective patients can find you online with an aggressive SEO campaign.

Ultimately, Dental Care of Baltimore’s rebranding journey was a great success, and can be attributed to a thoughtful plan that focused on a defined set of goals. Learn more about their journey at ADA News.

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