It’s Root Canal Awareness Week, a terrific time to get the word out about the safety and importance of root canal treatment and the great work that Endodontists do!

In dental marketing, root canals are often passed over for simpler, more glamorous topics such as oral hygiene and cosmetic dentistry. So, to most people, the idea of having root canal treatment is at best alien and at worst scary.

The Question is: How do you change people’s minds about something that has been misrepresented for so long?

Starting with three prominent (and easy to use) digital platforms, you can be part of the movement to spread the truth about root canal therapy.

Root Canals: 3 Steps to a PR Makeover

  • Patient Reviews: What better way to get the word out about root canal treatment than by leveraging patient experience? Hesitant patients will appreciate hearing from those who have already had the procedure done. Encourage patients to leave reviews for your practice on a variety of platforms.
  • Social Media: Visit to download your Root Canal Awareness Week outreach materials and then post to social media daily to dispel myths.*
  • Videos: The American Association of Endodontists also has videos that you can download and post on your website or social media.

Visit for more information and Root Canal Awareness Week resources!

*Don’t have time to post to social media on your own? PBHS Launch Social will manage and post to your social media channels for you – contact us for more information and samples.

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