It’s no surprise that many practices are utilizing internet marketing to gain exposure, but why would a referral-based practice need to take advantage of SEO and social media? With all the capabilities the Internet has to offer, patients are relying less on referrals and more on Internet search engines to find specialists. By researching local specialists online, patients are able to base their selections not only on referrals, but also on patient testimonials and practice philosophy. Keep reading to find out why Internet marketing is an essential tool for promoting your practice!


  • New Patients: Internet marketing is a great way to gain new patients or secure a larger referral base. Patients referred by their general dentists are able to more quickly find you because of your high ranking on a Google search, research your practice, and register online.

    Remember that you are not only competing with other specialty practices, but with general dentists who offer specialty procedures and who market themselves online. Increasing your visibility online will promote the specialty.  Patients referred to other specialists find you because you rank higher on Google.

    This is extremely beneficial because the patient now has the opportunity to compare you to the specialist they were originally referred to. If that practice does not have a website or has a poorly designed site, then ultimately they may elect to see you.

  • Professionalism: Your website gives patients their first glimpse of your practice, and patients will automatically associate a professional, quality website with professional, quality care.
  • Patient Engagement: Social media is not only an important platform for promoting your brand, but it is a great way for you to engage with your followers online. This helps you maintain your fan base and encourage patient loyalty, which is just important as securing new patients. You also have the chance to convey your practice personality through your social media presence.

The result is­ more exposure to your community, your referring doctors and prospective patients. Referrals are no longer your only opportunity to attract patients to your practice. Internet marketing enables patients to make the informed decision to choose your practice based on their own research. PBHS can help you achieve higher rankings, quality content and increased social media involvement to establish the authority of your specialty and practice!

Contact PBHS at 800-840-5383 to find out more about how referral marketing and internet marketing can benefit your specialty practice!

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