PBHS Referral Books

Referral Books

Personalized Referral Books help promote your practice, eliminate potential patient liability and open communication channels between you and your referring doctors.

As an integrated part of your marketing plan, personalized referral books give you another opportunity to visit your doctor’s practice and express your desire to create a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

Personalized Referral Books help promote your practice, eliminate potential patient liability and open communication channels between you and your referring doctors. This amazing brochure styled book, contains 25 to 50 duplicate or triplicate referral slips. Any number of referral books can be personalized for each referring doctor. Their name is beautifully printed on the cover in color. Each referral slip is also personalized with their inscription. The doctor’s strong response to the value you place on the referral relationship is clearly evident when the books are delivered.
Personalized Referral Books also give you an opportunity to review with your referring doctors the areas of risk management, documentation and referral miscommunication. The patient receives the top copy of the referral slip and takes it to your practice. The referring doctor retains the second copy in the referral book. This copy is removed only when they receive your case letter. At that time it is attached to the letter and filed in the patient’s chart. The referral book becomes a tickler file, enabling the referring doctor to track all open referrals.

Maximize Referral Form Response Rates – Integrate With Your PBHS Website

PBHS Referral Books push traffic to your website by enabling patients to Scan embedded QR Codes with their mobile phones. Patients are immediately directed to your website where they are instructed to download pre-operative instructions, watch interactive procedural videos, pre-register online and attain interactive driving directions to your practice.
Act Now! You receive exclusivity on all your referring doctors. With exclusivity, no other specialist will be able to give Personalized PBHS Referral Books to your doctors in your area.

Drug Regimen InfoCard™

Drug Regimen for the Prevention of Bacterial Endocarditis.

New guidelines for the prevention of bacterial endocarditis have been announced by the American Heart Association to take the place of the previous guidelines developed in 1997. The new guidelines from April 2007 more clearly define the situations for antibiotic use, reduce costs to the patient, and improve patient compliance. Provide personalized laminated Drug Regimen Guideline Cards for your referring doctors. The cards are available printed in full color, and are personalized with your practice’s information and logo. The cards can also be customized to meet your individual practice needs (composition charges may apply).
PBHS Drug Regimen InfoCard
PBHS Bisphosphonate InfoCard

Bisphosphonate InfoCards™

Valuable information for your referring doctors.

Current treatment strategies and recommendations based on published position papers and expert opinions as of February 2008. Provide your referring doctors with the second in our series of InfoCards for serious, dental related medical conditions. A problem addressed by: ADA, AAOMS, AAE, FDA, Novartis, Merck, Mayo Clinic, New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Oncology Practice, Practice Annals of Internal Medicine , International Myeloma Association.

Practice Newsletter

A personalized newsletter to send to your referring doctors is a positive, repetitive, and consistent means of reinforcing your referral relationships.

It is unlikely that you actually have the time to sit down and create a monthly newsletter. And, if you have ever tried, you’ve probably found that your referring doctors lose interest in a newsletter based solely on clinical case studies. PBHS has taken a unique approach to Referral Based Newsletter marketing. The PBHS Personalized Practice Newsletter contains informative articles submitted by well known consultants, including Excellence in Dentistry, the publishers of The Profitable Dentist. These articles are designed to help your referring doctors become more successful!

PBHS Personalized Practice Newsletter
PBHS Emergency Medical Protocol Guidebooks

Emergency Medical Protocol Guidebooks

Strengthen your referral relationships with this always-timely gift.

The 32-Page EMPG provides your referring doctors and their staff with important information on managing and preventing medical emergencies in their office.

A holiday gift that that can save a life!

Strengthen your referral relationships with this timely year end gift.
When Personalized with your logo, practice name, phone #, address and website on the front cover, your referrals are constantly reminded of the value you place on their referral relationship.  
Companion PowerPoint Presentation for in-office Lunch-and-Learn or Study Club meeting are available.
To complement the Emergency Medical Protocol Guidebook, OMSNIC offers a series of Emergency Drills through their e-Learning Center at www.omsnic.com.

Educational InfoCards™

Generate more referrals who are pre-educated prior to consultation.

These 8.5×11 InfoCards are imprinted with your practice name, web address, mailing address and phone numbers. Laminated for durability and printed in full color, InfoCards help illustrate important procedures and conditions of dental disease. InfoCards can be used by you, but they can also be given out to your referring doctors to assist them in educating their patients. InfoCards can be gifted to your referring dentists – a gift which clearly displays your practice name, phone number and website address. 

PBHS Educational InfoCards