Branding: Identity for the Web and BeyondWhat do you want your practice to be known for? Your brand establishes recognition with your patients, communicating your mission, philosophy, and professional approach. Consistent branding on your website, social media platforms, advertisements and all printed material is essential when driving and maintaining your presence within the marketplace.

Basic information that is displayed, like a well designed logo, set color scheme, practice name, address, and phone numbers, not only helps optimize your content for the search engines, but it also provides consistency for the people reviewing any of your marketing collateral, and website, constantly reminding them who you are and what your practice represents.

In order to build your brand you have to ask yourself a few questions about your practice: What do you want your practice to reflect? What demographics are you targeting? How will your practice serve your community? The more personal you are with your branding, the more approachable you are to patients. Branded content on your website, brochures and advertisements is equally important – tailor your content to your audience – make it accessible. You want your patients to feel comfortable, connecting with them on an emotional level.

Professionals can’t disregard their brand, especially when it involves patients and their health. Not having a brand can signal to your patients that you’re not investing in your own practice. Remember to acknowledge your target audience. A hipper, younger demographic may appreciate bright, vivid colors, while a more traditional audience may be inclined towards mellow, earth tones, or comforting colors.

Consistency is key: Use your mission statement on your website, print media, and social media sites; use the same color scheme for your site, print media, and even for your office; make sure that your logo is used on every printed document in your office and on the web. These methods deliver your message clearly, disseminating your brand among your community, motivating your patients and target audience to recognize your practice over others.

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