Increase Your Revenue with Simple Auto Communication

Streamline your process – Free up your time

What’s the secret to maintaining a thriving dental practice while you focus on delivering awesome patient care? The answer: RevenueWell’s all-in-one, unified marketing platform and communications suite that attracts new patients, increases production, and enables a more efficient office with no extra effort on your part.

RevenueWell and PBHS partner together to create a streamline process for clients

This streamlined, automated communication system simplifies your everyday processes and allows you to work smarter, not harder. It’s really that easy. In fact, dental practices see a 17% increase in new appointments and $73,630 in additional revenue within the first year of implementing this easy-to-use solution.

The key to maximizing production from your existing patient base is consistent and structured automated patient outreach. It’s all about connecting with the right patient at the right time. Sound too good to be true? Here’s how it works.

Automatic recall campaigns keep production high by getting patients scheduled and to their regular cleanings and hygiene appointments on time and prepared. This not only results in a drop in no-show rates but provides further opportunities to educate patients on your elective dental offerings and serves as a catalyst for acceptance of your treatment recommendations.

Automatic appointment confirmations are one of the most essential parts of an automated communication system and are possible due to a robust integration with your practice management software. Appointments are easily confirmed right through text and email messaging and are immediately updated in your PMS.

Automatic reactivation campaigns recapture patients that seem to have fallen through the cracks. Like all customizable campaigns, you can choose from our professional prebuilt content or design your own, using the simple drag and drop editor.

Automatic treatment plan follow-ups keep the conversation going even after the appointment. As soon as you create a treatment plan in your practice software, an automated summary is sent to the appropriate patient for their review and acceptance. These detailed summaries include an itemized list of the indicated CDT procedure codes you’ve prescribed, including your costs and insurance coverage estimates, as well as links to informative 3D procedural tutorials and educational primers. This transparent process greatly improves case acceptance and actively engages patients and builds trust.

Automatic, customizable post-operative instructions simplify communications by answering frequently asked questions and providing timely, critical post-appointment guidelines to aide in a successful recovery. The system comes standard with a comprehensive set of post-op instructions grouped by related CDT procedural codes (e.g., implants, amalgam fillings, root canals, etc.) that can be further customized to suit your specific care directives.

Our marketing platform also maximizes production from your current customer base and actively markets your practice to new patients with:

  • Reviews & Surveys: Automatically send review requests and surveys to patients immediately following their appointments to increase your number of 5-star reviews and seamlessly promote on your website and social channels – optimizing your SEO and improving your search rankings.
  • Automatic Social Media Feed: Connect your practice Facebook page and let it post for you or customize your posts by editing upcoming scheduled pieces or creating your own. The system comes standard with a continually updated social media content stream, covering a broad range of great dental content.
  • Promotions/Incentives: Easily incorporate coupons and promotional incentives into your customizable campaigns to showcase your latest offerings and drive production of your high value services. Send these to some or just a few of your patients – it’s up to you!
  • Easy Blog Posts: Bolster your website content with pre-built blog pieces designed for the dental practice. New content is updated monthly.

Maintaining excellent communications manually is virtually impossible and requires extensive time from your office staff. On the other hand, multi-touch appointment reminders and communications that are organized and scheduled will save you time, allow you to reach more patients, and ultimately transform your dental practice and standard of care.

Ready to become a data-driven practice that delivers an exceptional patient experience? Contact us today. Our marketing experts are waiting in the wings, prepared to launch your dental practice to the next level of production and revenue. You’ll wonder why you didn’t sign up sooner.

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