Top 5 Tips to Bring in New Dental Patients in 2021

A beautiful and interactive dental website and dynamic online presence is what distinguishes your dental practice from the competition and should be an integral part of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy. A professionally designed dental website will drive patient engagement with powerful branding and logo design, a captivating layout with intuitive navigation, and dynamic content that reflects your values and expertise. Read on to discover the key components included in a skillfully designed online presence that will set the stage for continued practice growth and increased bookings for your practice.

Stunning Design & Layout

A high-performance dental website design creates a lasting first impression that welcomes patients to your practice and immediately instills trust and confidence. It all starts with an expertly designed logo and branded color palette that conveys your practice’s unique personality and passion. ‘Welcome videos’ and ‘office tours’ further the narrative and serve to establish an instant rapport with prospective patients. These elements work in tandem to tell the cohesive story of you practice and allow patients to engage with your content and quickly access the information that they need.

Central to your success is a well-organized layout with an intuitive and easy-to-use navigation menu that allows patients to effortlessly interact with your content. Locating procedural information and initiating on-page actions, such as requesting new appointments, contacting your office, submitting patient registrations, and making payments for services rendered, must be unambiguous and positioned above-the-fold for instant access on both mobile devices and desktop computers. PBHS has over 20 years of experience specializing in high-impact web design and digital marketing strategies to meet the very specific demands of your dental patients.

Peer-Reviewed Clinical Content

Incredible content continues to be one of the primary driving forces behind your dental website’s success. It is the foundation of your search engine optimization strategy and resulting website rankings and is key to ensuring long-term user satisfaction. The best-in-class educational content included in all PBHS websites features the entire ADA video & content library as well as a comprehensive set of procedural pages that describe all the surgical and non-surgical interventions that you offer. The depth of content available to you through PBHS even includes NSAID anti-inflammatory medication handouts, first-week menus and grocery lists, post-operative instructional handouts, and much more.

Disability Compliance (WCAG 2.0/2.1)

Designing your website for the millions of individuals who have a permanent or temporary physical disability is not only required by law but will also allow you to engage with as many prospective patients as possible. PBHS websites are ADA disability compliant and feature a special Website Accessibility Button that allows visitors to conveniently set their individual page visibility preferences to ensure optimal legibility. In addition, each PBHS website is configured to work automatically with screen readers and other accessibility tools, making it simpler than ever to maintain your disability compliance.

Patient Registration with Secure Online Patient E-Forms

Equipped with truForm™ secure online e-forms, PBHS websites boost productivity through 24-7, contact-free patient intake. Patients welcome the convenience of secure online forms, and your front desk will appreciate the streamlining of patient registrations and the collection of payments and fees, even after hours. With secure e-forms, your practice can ensure that patient registrations, health histories, privacy policies, informed consents, and COVID-19 disclosures are completed on-time, prior to the initial consultation. And with practice software integration, data entry is eliminated for you and your staff.

COVID Safety Protocols

All PBHS dental websites come standard with infection control pages and built-in website banners to provide patients with prompt notifications regarding your changing COVID-19 safety protocols and policy changes. This allows you to seamlessly communicate your adherence to Universal Precautions and enhanced PPE usage and allows staff to rapidly direct patients to pertinent information easily and quickly. You’ll want to make sure to update these announcements as your situation changes. For instance, prominently displaying that your dental clinic has now been fully vaccinated will immediately gain trust and boost confidence as you reaffirm that you and your staff are doing all you can to ensure the safety of your patient community.

Ready to take your online presence to the next level?

Whether you want to design a project from scratch or select from our wide variety of versatile and adaptable template designs, a professionally designed PBHS dental website and online presence will attract and convert more new patients for your practice and fuel-sustained growth. Reach out to a PBHS dental specialist today at (800) 840-5383.





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