ADA Accessible Website Design by PBHS for Dentists

Example: What’s the difference between a button that says “Learn More…” and one that says “Learn More About Dental Implants”?

For a person using a screen reader, the difference is vast. While an average-vision user can rely on visual clues to fill in the blanks, the “Learn More…” button is impractical for a person with low vision.

Since the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), businesses have learned to comply with the physical accessibility requirements stipulated by the law, but, increasingly, legal pressure is mounting for them to comply in the virtual realm as well. What does all of this mean for your practice?

Enlisting the Help of Those with Disabilities
To better understand how we can make our websites fully inclusive and accessible, PBHS has put them to test with the help of low vision users.

We learned a lot.
The result? Enhanced accessibility for users with disabilities navigating PBHS websites and compliance for clients who purchase them.*

Website Design and Accessibility
There are three levels of guidelines for compliance (A, AA and AAA). PBHS websites are designed to meet the criteria of the AA level, which affords a truly great user experience while still allowing us to maintain high standards of design in terms of aesthetic appeal.

PBHS Updates for ADA Compliance
Some of our accessibility updates include:**

  • Visual aid buttons for contrast and text size
  • Captions on videos and animations
  • “Skip to Main Content” links
  • Phone numbers with office location descriptors
  • Better semantics to assist screen readers
  • Alt-tags on images
  • Phasing out of flash
  • Accessibility disclaimer for non-html sites
  • All PBHS departments have been trained in website accessibility best practices

PBHS Forms Further Accessibility
In addition to the above updates, PBHS’ truForm™ and Launch Survey forms have been tested and fully optimized for use by those with disabilities. These forms are a great tool for practices and their patients, including those with disabilities, as they afford more privacy and independence than a paper form can.  Note: truForm™ version 5 and 6 are compliant. Those using older versions should call PBHS to find out about upgrading.

If you are unsure if your older PBHS or non-PBHS designed website is compliant, please contact us for an audit and checklist to see what we can do to help!

*Keep In Mind: Alterations made by the practice to the website may negate compliance.
**Note: Some changes are live on new sites only (not retroactive).

PBHS prides itself on providing the dental community with turnkey, accessible websites and tools designed to enhance communication with patients while meeting the practice’s marketing goals. For more information, please contact us at (800) 840-5383.

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