5 Way to Increase Instagram Engagement

What are the best ways to get engagement on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, boasting more than half a billion daily users to date, but stiff competition and the new Instagram algorithm make it more challenging than ever to increase your engagement. Instagram engagement is no longer just about getting likes and comments. Now, we’re talking about stories, hashtags, and IGTV views. The good news is it’s actually not that complicated. Just put the following tips to work for your dental practice Instagram and you will crush your social media game!

  1. Write longer captions. Instagram is all about sharing photos and videos, but don’t forget the importance of your captions. The length of time a viewer stays on a post significantly impacts the way in which your post performs in the algorithm. The caption has to be catchy—think statistics and fun facts—to keep viewers lingering. Super long captions often get skipped over, but a few full sentences that cause someone to pause and read will increase the time they spend on your post.


  1. Post Instagram stories regularly and at the right times. This will help you acquire more loyal viewers—an excellent goal that will lead to increased engagement. Once you’ve monitored and tracked your Instagram analytics and figured out the best times to post, set up a schedule so you can batch edit all your stories for the week, setting them up to post at the most optimized times.


  1. Start conversations with your stories. There are several ways to do this, but asking a question, no matter how basic, is bound to get a response. On your Instagram stories, post stickers with questions that will help your patients get to know your practice better. AMA (Ask Me Anything), poll, and vote stickers elicit conversations and opinions that will keep your patients curious and engaged.


  1. Share your story. And by story, we mean who you are as a practice and how you’re a part of your community. Post videos and boomerangs of your team at work, chime in on why you love what they do, and even share when you’re hiring. People, these days, want to know about you and your practice and connect with your brand.


  1. Use hashtags strategically. You’ve got to know which hashtags are driving patients to you posts. Using location—#dentistmiami—will help ensure your followers are local. If you have 10k followers in another state, you’re not making the most of your account. Be sure to include hashtags with words like health, oral, happy, and teeth.


It may seem obvious, but don’t forget #dentist which has over 1.5 million posts. Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to social media and engagement is crucial in today’s age of digital marketing, but if this is all too much to deal with, PBHS social media specialists will manage your Instagram activity—building your brand, connecting with your community—so you can focus on your patients.

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