It is 2018, and by now, establishing a social media presence for your practice should be a key component of your overall marketing efforts. Having an active social media presence attracts and converts new patients, engages current patients, and is a great way to interact with referring practices. So, how can your practice be successful on social media?

Post Frequently.

You shouldn’t worry about clogging up your followers’ News Feed. With the new Facebook and Instagram algorithm, followers will most likely not see all your posts. If you can’t post daily, aim to post to your social media channels 3-5 times a week. Posting everyday, or every other day, also allows you to gauge how your posts are reaching your followers.

Post Engaging Content.

We encourage you to post content that is both engaging and educational. Potential patients will use your practice’s Facebook page as a looking glass into your practice. Post content that showcases your practice. Potential patients don’t only want to know what services your practice offers, but the story behind your practice. Who are the people that make up your office? What makes your practice and in-office experience different from your competition down the street?

  1. Staff Birthdays and Anniversaries – Your practice is as strong as your team, showcase those team members that keep your patients coming back!
  2. Fun Holidays – From “Taco Day” to “National Tell a Joke Day,” there are hundreds of fun holidays to participate in that give you the opportunity to showcase your practice’s personality.
  3. Educational Posts – Showcase dental tips and tricks, keep your patients engaged with educational posts to keep their smile healthy once they leave the office. Never be afraid to share fun and relevant facts to engage your followers.
  4. Trending Content – while trending dental content is rare, share local news events or pop culture events that you can tie back to your practice.

Think Aesthetically.

The images and design assets you use on social media should align with the visuals your practice uses everywhere else. This includes your branded profile pictures, photos, videos and GIFS you publish. Remember to post quality images and videos. Blurry or poor quality photos and videos can deter visitors from your page. Quality not quantity!

Interact with patients and referring doctors

Practice community management and engagement. Your online relationships should mirror your real world working relationships. Like your referrals’ social media channels and engage with their posts. This builds your relationship both online and offline. Encourage your patients to engage with your social media channels, and remember to respond when appropriate and always keep HIPAA in mind. For the sake of compliancy, never respond directly to patients about their personal dental health. Always encourage them to call the office!

The best way to market your practice online is to get social! Showcase what makes your practice unique, and most importantly have fun. Followers value authenticity. So use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to showcase what makes your practice unique.

PBHS is the Internet marketing company endorsed by ADA Business Resources. We have the dental marketing tools you need to succeed in an increasingly competitive and challenging business. To speak to our team about social media, please call us at Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383.

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