Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook will be changing its news feed algorithm to prioritize content from friends, family and groups. Zuckerberg said, “You’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard—it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

What does this mean for your practice’s Facebook page? As the changes roll out over the next few months, you will see a decrease in your organic reach. This means that your follower’s news feed will show more photos of their brother’s puppy or college roommate’s wedding, and less posts from your dental practice.

Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be made up of “meaningful interactions.” This means your practice will need to generate more comments and engagement from your followers. Your practice should aim to create quality content that focuses on generating engagement between Facebook users.

For Example:

  • Have your practice include questions within your posts.
  • Post about timely, trending, and relevant topics that your followers will want to comment on.

Facebook users will be more likely to see a post from your practice if friends, family and groups are commenting on it!

What can your practice do to combat the changing news feed algorithm?

Start boosting your posts and increase your ad budget. Organic reach has been on the decline across social media channels for years. With Facebook reprioritizing content, your practice will need to better develop your target audience(s) to make your dollar go further. If you’re running a whitening campaign, focus on a younger demographic that is interested in cosmetic treatments. If you’re wanting to promote dental implants, target a slightly older demographic in your area.

Facebook Live. While videos continue to reign supreme, Facebook reports that live videos get on average six times as many interactions as regular videos. This is an absolute example of content that will continue to perform well with the updated news feed algorithm. Do a Facebook Live of an event happening in-office, or a video demonstrating oral health tips and tricks.

Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups are a great way to build a community around your Facebook page, and establish your practice’s expertise within the field. Though Groups are a great way to generate engagement, always keep HIPAA in mind. For the sake of compliance, have followers contact the office if they ask questions about procedures or their dental health. Focus on creating groups that share recipes great for dental health, groups that discuss your favorite dental-related products, or tips and tricks to keep your smile white.

Need help with the Facebook algorithm update?

Launch Social Clients: Contact your social media account manager for help in developing your Facebook strategy to capture the attention of (and convert!) new patients.

Prospective Clients: Please call PBHS at 800.840.5383 for information on our social media services for dentists and specialists.

Building a strong social media presence doesn’t happen overnight, yet getting started is as easy as posting a picture or two. Make sure that your practice is maximizing marketing opportunities by participating in social media – it’s where all your future patients are hanging out!

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