With the world of dental marketing rapidly expanding online, most of your competitors already have a website. Do you know how to set your website apart? Paying attention to these five digital marketing tips could mean the difference between a new patient and a missed opportunity.

Build Trust

Present the best of your practice to potential patients through:

  • Photos and Videos: Promote your location and an array of photos and videos showcasing your smiling patients in a rotating masthead. New patients will appreciate seeing actual patients and local elements and be drawn in for a closer look through positive reinforcement.
  • Mission Statement: What do you want to communicate about your practice? A concise, thoughtful mission statement placed in a prominent place, such as a sliding banner, goes a long way toward making patients feel safe and welcome.
  • Branding: Take an opportunity to sync your brand across all media channels, and then display your practice name and logo proudly and frequently throughout your website.
  • Patient Reviews: Nothing builds trust among new patients better than reviews from patients who have been to your office. Launch Survey displays select reviews on your website – refresh them regularly to attract new patients and search engines. Video patient testimonials immediately engage prospective patients and help increase case acceptance.

Focus on New Patients

Win conversions with a new patient offer. Our designs make it easy with integrated graphic and text layouts.

Engage with Custom Content

People search for health information online. Make your website their first stop by providing answers to their most pressing oral health questions. Custom content sets you apart from your competition – be sure to mention solutions that elevate you above the rest in your field.

Help Patients Overcome Dental Anxiety

In addition to being a common search term for prospective patients, dental anxiety also presents an opportunity for you to connect with them before you even meet. By giving patients tried-and-true tips to help with dental anxiety and communicating to them that your team can make them feel safe and relaxed, you will quickly win their interest and their loyalty.

Make Navigation Easy

Without easy navigation, website visitors become frustrated within seconds and often leave the site. PBHS websites make common requests for information such as directions, office hours, and forms easy to find so that you don’t lose a single lead.

Do you need help with your mission statement or logo? We offer specialized marketing services such as custom content and graphic design in addition to cutting-edge dental website design and SEO. All of our services are available to medical and dental specialists as well, including Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, Endodontists and more.

Please call PBHS Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383 to get started.

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