Best Dental Websites of 2021

The 6 Best Dental Website Designs for Summer 2021


As the temperatures rise and we begin to gear up for summer, the PBHS team is ready to celebrate our client’s success! We’ve created a list that showcases the best dental websites and highlights key features, including dynamic imaging, informative videography, and engaging content, that are sure to attract new patients. We are excited to share these top sites here as we head into summertime.

Steven A. Ghareeb, DDS, FAGD –

With the images of bright smiles splashed across the homepage, the clean design, and the calming color palette, this Charleston WV dental practice is a great example of providing an easy and enjoyable user experience. High-quality photos of their state-of-the art facility, inside and out, speak to the qualifications and expertise that clearly sets this practice apart from the competition. And the playful, creative design compliments the patient-friendly, conversational messaging that welcomes new patients. This site is brilliant and one of our absolute favorites!

Marcus Torrey, DDS –

Before stepping foot inside the walls of Torrey Dental, a quick glance at this practice’s homepage will make you feel as if you’ve already been there. From the custom header video that transports you inside the office to the high-quality action shots of the dentist and staff, website visitors truly get a sneak peek inside the practice. The dynamic movement of the professionally produced video, bursting with vibrant smiles, invites potential patients to remain on the site a little longer. Scrolling down, a polished photo, bio, and personal note from the dentist send a clear message that dental care at this practice is the whole package: warm, comfortable, professional, and top notch.

Just Wisdom Teeth and Implants –

We love how this dental practice website gets right to the point in all aspects of their branding. The clear and concise messaging allows prospective patients to have every question answered right off the bat, including what procedures and services are offered. The website’s concise, minimalist style means simple navigation and clutter-free design. In fact, the crisp above-the-fold visuals create just the right balance of text, imagery, and white space, conveying a message of competency and professionalism. Nothing screams “You’re in good hands!” more than this site.

Ohio’s Center for Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery –

Regal and qualified are the words that come to mind when we view this site. From the stately logo to the custom videography that takes you right inside the office, this practice clearly announces that they mean business. They’ve achieved the perfect balance of mixing skill and expertise with personal messaging that lets both new and returning patients know why their practice is unique. And despite the fact they’ve covered their bases in every content area, they also feature a built-in live chat module in the bottom right corner of the screen, providing website users 24/7 access to their staff…just in case.

Blatt & Kingston Family Dental –

Professional, full-screen images of scenic local hot spots framed in vibrant, summery shades of blues and greens beckon patients to linger and enjoy this site. Patients are inspired to book an appointment using the strategically placed Patient Registration button that floats in the top right corner where users will notice it right off. Their voice and mission statement are front and center as you scroll down, immediately followed by informative dentist bios and photos, allowing you to really get to know this team. The layout of this homepage keeps patients engaged, as everything a patient would be searching to learn is expertly woven throughout.

Oral and Facial Surgery of Utah –

This website does a fantastic job of including all crucial messaging above the fold, so viewers know right out of the gate who Oral & Facial Surgery of Utah is as a practice and how to get in touch. Calls to action and patient registration buttons are on the left, and an easy-to-access microphone icon in the lower righthand corner of the screen provides a front row seat to professionally shot interviews with doctors, staff, and patients of all ages and walks of life. From a mother’s testimonial about her young son’s positive experience or a story told by one of the surgeons about his priority of keeping patients comfortable, website viewers get to witness up close the compassionate, high-tech, and quality care this practice offers.

Ready for a website & new patient growth?

As we gear up for the warmer months and a glorious departure from COVID life, it’s prime time to update your website to increase new patient appointments and grow your practice. Our PBHS team is ready to help! Visit our portfolio to learn more about our customized dental websites and contact us today for a complimentary review of your current online presence and rankings.






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