PBHS SecureMail™: The Best Way to Keep Your Data Private

What is PBHS SecureMail™?

A strong data privacy strategy not only safeguards your patients when they entrust you with their protected health information (PHI), but it also protects your dental practice from costly security breaches. Are your systems set up to avoid the misuse of sensitive information and remain within the boundaries of HIPAA compliance? Read on to discover how ADA Member Advantage endorsed PBHS SecureMail, an encrypted messaging solution for dentists, staff and patients, enables you to maintain data privacy compliance, increase efficiency, and grow your practice.

Securemail provided by PBHS, tablet showing Securemail, a HIPAA compliant email service

Is HIPAA compliant messaging easy?

Thousands of practices already use SecureMail to share ePHI with ease and peace of mind. This trusted, HIPAA compliant messaging solution is completely secure and helps to eliminate liability for your practice and colleagues, saving you thousands in fines and remediation that result from a data breach.

Will SecureMail change how I communicate with patients?

Simple and secure, SecureMail allows you to quickly send encrypted email messages between patients and all your treatment partners. There’s no software to install, configure, or maintain, and ADA Members are pre-registered. SecureMail also integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook, using our optional Outlook plug-in which enables you and your patients to send and receive emails via Microsoft Outlook on any device, from any location. This means you do not need to change how you currently communicate and email with your patients.

Is there a quick and simple way to collaborate with other doctors?

Our highest tier of service extends your SecureMail functionality to allow for streamlined multi-doctor collaboration. This happens through threaded two-way clinical chat discussions that allow seamless exchange of patient ePHI. Practices can transmit and exchange radiographs, treatment plans, past dental records, documents, and messages with colleagues working on the same case. All pertinent information is organized and accessible by case, with doctor and patient facing modules, to allow rapid coordination of care and to facilitate case acceptance.

Ready to streamline your communications?

Secure communications and collaborations are paramount to growing your dental practice and ensuring all ePHI messaging works for you and your patients. Having the best, most secure communications solution will allow you to rest easy as you focus on what you do best—care for your patients. If you’re ready to start the process with a secure email account, easily login in with your ADA ID and set it up today!


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