TruForm™ – Accessible Online Forms for Dental Patients with Disabilities

Online Patient Registration

truForm,™ the most popular secure online form solution for dentists, is now fully ADA & AA WCAG 2.0 compliant, meeting all possible accessibility standards to better serve all patients and users, irrespective of their disability status. With more than 41 million Americans affected by visual and auditory disabilities, designing your website and online presence, including your online forms, to accommodate those with disabilities, is not only considerate, but essential to the continued growth and vitality of your practice.

TruForm patient registration

Accessibility Button

truForm secure online forms feature a novel accessibility button in the bottom left-hand corner of each form, allowing patients to rapidly change the size and contrast of the interface to ensure optimum readability on any device. With the click of a button, patients can change color schemes from high to low contrast mode or to a clean black and white visual style and enlarge or decrease font sizes to achieve maximum readability. In addition to being more legible, the new and improved online forms help people with limited dexterity who benefit from large clickable areas with clear labeling.

 Structured Visual Labels

Equally important for the visually impaired is truForm’s use of clear visual labels above the form fields rather than only lightly colored placeholder text within the form fields. Low contrast placeholder text is hard to read, and its transient nature, disappearing as the user selects the field, makes it hard for those who struggle with short-term memory. truForm provides clear visual labels throughout to maximally assist patients in the full completion of their patient forms.

Keyboard Navigation

Patients with limited motor function and impaired vision often prefer using a keyboard to navigate online forms. truForm supports easy-to-use keyboard navigation, employing the tab key to allow users to jump rapidly between links rather than use a mouse. And, as they select a field with the tab key, it is automatically highlighted with a high-contrast box, and this strong visual cue enables them to see the field more easily and navigate the form more quickly.

Screen Reader Ready

truForm patient forms are fully screen reader ready with all form field questions and labels easily accessible to the visually impaired. The forms are specially configured with associated labels, field sets, and other structured elements built-in for effortless identification as well as rapid understanding of form controls and form instructions. Patients using speech input can even use these labels via voice commands to activate the controls and move the focus to each field they need to complete.

Ready to make it easier for more patients to register online?

Accessibility should not be an afterthought but an essential part of your dental website and online marketing strategy. With truForm, you can expand your reach to those with disabilities, which is over 12% of the population, while protecting your practice from lawsuits and fines by ensuring your disability compliance. Contact us to get started on implementing assistive technology into your online forms with truForm today.

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