Best Branding and Logo Design for Your Dental Practice

Branding is instrumental to the success of your dental practice and is a reflection of you, your team, and your business. It intimately impacts perceptions and attitudes that drive brand choice and practice selection. A powerful and memorable brand will resonate with your ideal patients and empower them to choose you over the competition. Does your practice branding cultivate a lasting, emotional impression that attracts and converts more new patients?

What is branding?

Dental branding gives your practice an identity and integrates a comprehensive strategy that includes your logo and all your print and digital marketing collateral. Branding distinguishes you from your competitors, both strategically and emotionally, and clearly tells your unique story and articulates what it is about your practice that inspires potential patients to choose you. Building a brand that conveys this message efficiently and effectively is what gives you the competitive edge in your community.

How to Market Your Dental Brand

Dental marketing is highly competitive, and you must go beyond the generic claims of “advanced procedures” and “extensive experience” that every dental practice in town asserts. Patients are looking for value and credibility, that special quality that sets you apart, which usually starts with a logo. A well-crafted logo influences a patient’s feelings about your practice and the unique care you provide. It introduces your practice, builds trust, and helps you make the right first impression.

Vibrant and Unique Dental Logo Design

Our resourceful and creative design team partners with you to create a professional, innovative dental logo that matches the design of your practice website, your social presence, and all your branded materials by researching your practice location and patient base. Once we’ve created a design that reflects those details and aligns with your branding vision and marketing goals, we deliver it to you in high quality vector format. Each logo design is:

  • Original and customized to the personality of your practice.
  • Tailored to reflect your location and demographics.
  • Defined and purposeful to support your marketing goals.

“It all starts with a practice’s mission. We get to know a practice, understand the unique personality and values that define it. When your practice logo and brand can successfully convey those individual traits with color, concept, theory, and a strong logo mark, it is successful – and then we’re successful.”

– Richie Lombardo, PBHS Director of Graphic Design

Professionally Designed Print Marketing

Communicate your competence, qualifications, and character through printed materials and branded promotional items that directly facilitate your dental marketing goals. Choose from quality stationary, referral pads, business cards, and more to showcase the best of your brand. Order the following with ease through the PBHS online store:

Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM)

One of the most exciting marketing channels that benefits from a well branded practice, is the implementation of an Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign. You’ll work with our team to design a targeted ad promotional mailer, such as a new patient special, that is then delivered to every house along your chosen mail routes.  This is a fantastic way to precisely target your local geographic markets and has an excellent return on your investment. PBHS helps design your campaign and will manage the printing and shipping of all necessary materials.

How to Elevate Branding Efforts with Video Marketing

Video is now at the forefront of dental branding efforts with over 85% of businesses already using it as a marketing tool and 90% of consumers indicating that video directly informs their purchasing decisions. Our dental video marketing team works to replace static, stock photography with authentic video media that helps you connect, establish trust, and build your brand. We harness the power of video marketing with welcome videos that include personal “hello’s” from the team, office tours, why choose us clips, patient testimonials, and procedural explanations. The personal touch of video establishes authenticity and develops your brand story, fueling practice growth.


When it comes to consumer behavior, brand recognition plays a significant role in healthcare decision making, especially when comparison shopping. When potential patients recognize your practice, your brand’s value increases. Building brand awareness and recognition is a must in successful marketing campaigns. Branding is what separates you from the pack, so contact one of our PBHS logo and branding experts and get started today.





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