How to Keep Your Practice Secure – New Webinar Series

Webinar on Dental Practice Security

Our friends at Black Talon Security and KaVo Imaging are offering a new cybersecurity webinar mini-series, Secure Your Life…Secure Your Practice.

As a leader in dental website design and practice marketing, we understand how important security is to the dental and health care communities. Offering both HIPAA compliant forms solutions and email, PBHS strives to promote the importance of data privacy and compliance for your practice.

webinar pbhs dental practice security online webinar

This complimentary seven-part mini-series will teach you and your practice the necessary techniques to stay secure. Each mini-series will occur on Wednesday at 4:00 pm EST and last just 20 minutes. The webinar mini-series will review:

  1. Wednesday, September 30th: Turn Your Team into “Human Firewalls.” Learn how to train and educate your staff on preventative measures they can take NOW to avoid being the victim of a cyberattack.
  2. Wednesday, October 7th: Securing Your Social Media EST. Learn how to secure your social media and email to prevent hackers from accessing and stealing your information.
  3. Wednesday, October 14th: Tools of the Trade. Learn how to utilize everyday tools to keep your identity anonymous and safe from hackers.
  4. Wednesday, October 21st: Remote Access and 3rd Party Risk. Learn how your vendors could be putting you at risk for a data breach.
  5. Wednesday, October 28th: Printers, IoT Devices and Security Cameras – Are They Really Secure? Learn how threat actors can breach these devices in order to victimize your practice.
  6. Wednesday, November 4th: New Trends in Ransomware Attacks are Decimating the Healthcare Industry. Learn how hackers are destroying your backups, encrypting and stealing your data and what you can do to prevent this.
  7. Wednesday, November 18th: Hacking Event. Tune in to see an actual hacking event performed by one of Black Talon Security’s ethical hackers.

Register here to take advantage of this informative opportunity.

The right technology and platforms will guarantee your website is HIPAA compliant while you focus on what you care about most—your patients. Need to start the process with HIPAA compliant forms solutions or email? Don’t hesitate to call our expert team at PBHS today. We’re here to help!


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