Top Benefits of Automated Messaging – Saving Time and More

Next-Generation Practice Communications

Don’t miss the mark with your patient communications. Instead, target your patients when and where it matters and connect with them through their preferred communication method—text, email, and voice, automatically. Precise and timely messaging not only improves patient satisfaction, but also the bottom line.

Procedure-Based Messaging

Treatment-specific reminders constitute the next-generation of patient communications. Imagine, pre-operative reminders that automatically inform patients not to drink water or coffee 8 hours before a procedure or that prompt them to take their pre-procedure prophylactic antibiotics. How many more patients would show up to their appointments on time and prepared? Some of the most important pre- and post-appointment messages include:

  • Pre-Medication Alerts
  • Fasting & Dietary Restriction Alerts
  • After-Care Instructions
  • Pain Management Protocols
  • Post-Operative Assessment Surveys
  • Patient E-Form Registration Reminders


These days, everyone is continually inundated with messages, and unfortunately evidence shows that over 50% of them are completely ignored. So, the trick is to be relevant and personal. Here are some examples of features that add value and personalize your messaging:

  • Branding your email and text messages to feature your practice logo and office information and provide quick map links that lead patients right to your practice.
  • New patient welcome messages featuring introductory videos from you and your dental staff.
  • Links to your practice’s specific care resources and instructional materials for review and download, such as grocery lists to help prepare parents for their children’s wisdom teeth extractions and anti-inflammatory medication schedules.
  • COVID-19 parking lot messaging to stagger waiting room intake and allow patients to remain in their vehicles while you sanitize the waiting room and operatories.


Automated messaging saves time and increases your practice’s productivity and efficiency. With direct integration to your practice software calendar, patients are automatically kept up-to-date as their appointment approaches and they can even confirm appointments directly through their appointment reminders. With programmatically driven patient messaging schedules, you deliver the right message at the right time. In other words, automation saves you time and money while keeping your patients happy and informed.

…Additional Benefits…

Reduced No-Show Rate

Our evidence shows that text reminders, in particular, significantly reduce the number of missed appointments and no shows. In fact, over 7 million appointments are missed every year, which costs practices over a billion dollars annually. Don’t be a statistic. Procedure-based email, voice and text messaging will reduce your number of no-shows and save you valuable time, money, and resources.

Better Patient Care and Satisfaction

Connecting with your patients when it matters improves care continuity, overall satisfaction and care outcomes. By informing patients about health-related issues and allowing patients a dynamic two-way communication exchange, you show you care. Personalized, automated messaging is a much needed, more comprehensive patient support system that streamlines and simplifies communication for your busy patients.

 Increased Revenue

By including integration with TruForm, secure online patient forms, your practice can further improve efficiency—automating pre-registration reminders and reducing staff workload. On average, this will save your practice two hours a day of employee time and decrease your number of incomplete and late registrations.


Educate, engage, and empower your patients with information unique to their procedures and to your practice. By including your practice logo and name in your communications as well as links to your practice’s educational and care content, patients are greeted by a trusted source, significantly increasing adherence to care guidelines and instructions.

Generate More Online Reviews

Automatically engage your patients with personalized review requests to help you generate 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook. Meeting patients where they are ensures a greater probability of engagement, and automated requests for reviews make the process simpler for everyone. Now, that makes managing your online reputation a whole lot easier!

Best Practices Expertise

To enhance your continuity of care and boost profitability, rely on the expertise of PBHS and over 30 million successful patient communications. The PBHS inForm Patient Communications Platform is an all-in-one messaging solution guaranteed to help you fill your schedule, re-engage lost patients, and maximize your front-office overhead.


The bottom line is procedure-based messaging empowers your patients and lightens your workload, saving you time and money. Our PBHS experts are here to help.  Check out PBHS Inform today and ask us about our free 60-Day trial. We’ll guide you through the entire process. 800.840.5383






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