5 NEW Facebook Tips & Tricks for Dental Practices

Did you know that 7 out of 10 Americans have a Facebook account and three quarters of them check it daily? That means over half the people in your area could potentially see your practice’s Facebook posts every single day. Use our latest Facebook tips and tricks to ensure you are making the most of your social media marketing.


Keep your info up-to-date. Nothing scares away prospective patients like making them search for a number to call or sending them on an internet search goose chase because the domain for your site hasn’t been updated. Make it easy for your patients to find out more about you by keeping your information correct.


Be relevant. All too often, dentists get a bad rap for posting things that don’t actually engage. The key is knowing your target audience and creating posts that resonate with that demographic. Funny memes, questions, and links to truly interesting articles are ways to attract and engage a patient. This can be fun.


Take real photos. Stocks photos are convenient for you, but they will only do the trick of engaging patients for so long. Taking real photos requires extra effort and time, but it’s worth it. People will see the difference. And don’t be afraid to get silly on social media. Your patients want to see the real you.


Have your patients check-in on Facebook. You’ve seen your friends do this at their favorite restaurant, and it’s the same thing for your practice. The more people who share your practice page, the more others will see it—an excellent marketing strategy for increasing visibility. Provide Facebook Wi-Fi at your office which does not require a password and offer incentives that encourage your patients to check-in each time they walk in your door.


Solicit reviews. These days, 97% of the population read reviews for local businesses, and Google, Yelp and Facebook are the top three places they go. Just another reason Facebook is king. Here’s how it works. Once your patients have checked in, they’ll be able to write a review if your page is configured to receive star ratings and reviews. If you haven’t yet done so, go to settings on your Facebook page, find “reviews” and change the slider from OFF to ON. It’s that simple and could instantly impact the growth of your practice.


You’ve got a Facebook business page, but the trick is doing it right—the surefire way to attract new patients while engaging your current ones. The urgency is real, and that’s where we come in. Our social media experts at PBHS would be happy to do the heavy lifting while you do what you do best—care for your patients. Contact us today.

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