Top 10 SEO FAQs


How important is SEO, really? Why isn’t my practice ranking at number one? What if I already have plenty of referrals? Do I still need SEO? Questions abound when it comes to SEO, and with 97% of consumers looking for practices online, the demand for strategy and know-how is high. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our most frequently asked questions around SEO.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, so SEO is a strategy focused on optimizing the chances that potential patients will find your website first when using the search engine. It is the channeling of quality, local traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Is your practice the first to pop up?


What is organic search?

Organic simply means unpaid. Pay-per-click advertising is an example of search that is not organic.


Why does SEO matter?

93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. How do you rank among the competition?


How is PBHS’s approach to SEO ahead of the curve?

PBHS offers high-performing SEO campaigns for your specific specialty. Our #1 goal is to bring you more patients, and we believe our customized and innovative campaigns are key. We understand the patient’s needs and the search terms they use to find their treatment, ultimately leading to a successful campaign.


What are the available SEO campaign options?

We have 3 campaigns differentiated by the population densities they target.


Basic – designed for the established practice in a less-competitive market and includes essential SEO components to keep you in the search game.


Advanced – offers advanced SEO strategy and is ideal for practices with one or two locations.


Elite –unrivaled service and 100% comprehensive SEO strategy, a service for those in extremely competitive markets.


What is the benefit of having an SEO contract?

A contract guarantees you will see maximum benefits from your campaign. Our SEO campaigns are customized according to specialty, location, and target audience which lead to excellent search visibility.


How successful are your SEO campaigns?

We are the top choice among dentists and specialists as an SEO provider, because we have over 20 years of experience, extensive knowledge of the dental marketing industry, and a proven track record in helping clients achieve their search goals.


Do you have examples of clients that are ranking well in search?

Yes! Please request a case study example through our SEO Evaluation Form.


What work will be done to improve my SEO?

Our methodology includes proven and measurable SEO best practices, such as on-page optimization, content strategy, user-interface design, and growth management consulting.


Your PBHS SEO analyst will:

  • Maximize brand exposure and website visibility.
  • Optimize content for user engagement.
  • Help you compete in tough markets.
  • Rank for keyword terms based on top procedures by annual revenue.
  • Minimize page load time.
  • Enhance user-friendly navigation.
  • Reduce bounce rates.


How will I know it’s working?


  • Monthly personalized SEO reports
  • Monthly Google Analytic reports
  • Monthly or bi-monthly phone consultations with your SEO analyst
  • Monthly reports on user conversion goals
  • Calls from mobile phones
  • Online patient registration conversions
  • Requests for driving directions
  • New patient form submissions


Without a doubt, SEO is crucial for growing your visibility, and we have what it takes to improve your rankings and drive traffic toward your site and, ultimately, patients to your practice. Please call us today at Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383 or request an assessment by submitting an SEO Evaluation Form.


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