Fun Halloween Ideas for Your Practice

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How you can incorporate Halloween and marketing with your practice

175 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, and about 70% of them will hand out candy—a cavity’s best friend. How do you plan to use this seemingly anti-oral health holiday that’s centered around costumes and candy to market your dental practice? Read on for ideas that will require you not only jump on the sugar bandwagon but also take the reins and steer your patients toward mindful indulging.

Host an event. Keep it simple and have a Halloween event in your practice facility on a Saturday or Friday afternoon. Go all out by including candy, costumes, and decorations. Give away treats (different kinds of candy) and tricks (toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss). Offer the parents special discounts on various treatments. Putting in the extra effort to offer a good time outside your normal hours sends a message to your community that you care about your patients.


Sponsor a candy buy-back program. Options abound when it comes to how to do this. Set up a candy collection station in your reception area where kids can bring their candy in exchange for cash (per pound), toothbrushes, or fun prizes. Find an organization that collects candy donations, such as Soldiers’ Angels and Ronald McDonald, and give your program a charitable spin. Bonus points: partnering with another local business would allow your practice name to be displayed in an additional spot in your community, and promoting this event on their social media platforms as well as your own extends your reach and attracts new patients.


Dress up. During the week of Halloween, pull out the costumes—ones that can be used year after year. Have your staff dress up as your dentist. Have your dentist dress up as the tooth fairy. Then regularly post pictures and videos on social media. Make the costumes simple and easy to throw on so that your hygienists can wear them when they are treating kids. Check out Amazon for ideas. You can engage your patients online by asking their opinions of the costumes.


Take pictures. Halloween is an excellent chance to show off how fun your practice is. People are drawn to a team that values a good time and loves working together. It reflects on the quality of your work and your effectiveness in the community. Photograph your staff during Halloween week and special fall events, and then be sure to post on your social media platforms or even frame and hang them around the office.


The bottom-line? Embrace our candy-ridden holiday. Use Halloween to your advantage. Rather than fearing the endless exposure to acid-producing bacteria that sugar brings, use this opportunity to help parents help their kids. Informing and educating your community might just be the most appreciated and helpful gift you can give. And building trust through providing community events is a marketing strategy that keeps on giving.


For more tips on how to use your social media platform to share your practice events with your community, contact our social media experts at PBHS today.



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