5 Best Medical & Dental Websites of 2019

(January – June)


We’re midway through 2019, and like the night sky on your Fourth of July, the latest websites created by our team at PBHS are lighting up the online air waves. Captivating and unique, these websites will take your breath away with their usability, sound design, and interactivity.

1. Lake Pointe Dental Care

The flawless design and subtle animations of this website draw viewers in while building brand awareness and attracting new patients. Graphic elements and written content are instrumental in conveying Lake Pointe Dental Care’s practice philosophy to their potential patients. And, the prominent ‘Schedule Your Appointment’ button makes it easy for patients to contact the office.

2. Cox Bond Dental

A completely customized dental website is what sets this practice apart. The PBHS marketing team promoted the uniqueness of Cox Bond Dental’s brand and mission by presenting a highly focused message, featuring the entire team on the homepage, and targeting patients demographically selected within their community.

3. Peabody Danvers Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Through a creative blend of clean design and compelling messaging, this site immerses visitors into a highly engaging experience. Video and animation tell a story that intrigues potential patients, lengthening the time they spend on the website.

4. Valley Endodontics

Vibrant photos that reflects the local beauty surrounding this practice helps visitors feel instantly at home. Valley Endodontics’ bold approach in displaying their content with big typography and full-width, high-quality images is a critical component of their success.

5. DFW Plastic Surgery

Simple and minimalistic, this website speaks for itself. The design and unique color palette make for a delightful visual experience, and as you scroll from one image to the next, you’ll find a consistent brand and message. That’s what makes this website so impressive.

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