How Facebook and Instagram Ads Work for Your Practice


Put simply, you need to market your practice where patients are spending the most time. The unique features of social media advertising can connect patients directly to your practice—at a lower cost than other forms of digital advertising.  Patients are already spending hours on these platforms so let’s dive in more… 


Reach local patients.

Facebook and Instagram advertising makes it possible to target potential patients in your area. We can target by state, city, zip code or even a specific radius around your office.


Target demographically.

Smart marketing means reaching the right people. All we have to do is create a profile of your ideal patient, and Facebook will estimate the size of your audience (all those who exhibit the same types of behaviors as your profile). We then make adjustments to target a narrower niche or expand your audience.


Promote treatments and services.

The image and video component of Instagram and Facebook is what makes these platforms ideal for promoting your services, showcasing your specialty while inspiring people to make right choices for their family’s oral health. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage, connect, and build trust with followers.


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Connect with patients beyond your social fan base.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram enables you to find patients who are looking for services you offer, even if they don’t already know you. Our social media specialists implement social listening strategies—following certain key words and checking out trending topics—which can then provide your practice with new lead opportunities.


Drive more patients to your practice website.

When a patient checks their newsfeed, notices your ad, and clicks on it, they are taken directly to your website—a process called click-through. Click-through rates for all social media platforms have doubled in recent years, the potential for even more qualified leads to find your site.


Track who sees your ads.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of advertising on social media is that we can gain real insight into how your ads are performing and how they resonate with your target audience. Tracking your ad performance, and adjusting when needed, is a key part of how we manage ad campaigns at PBHS.


Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is quickly becoming the new standard. Your potential patients are checking their social media feed constantly, and every time they log on is a chance for them to be reminded of your practice, products, and services. 

Two million companies, including your competitors, are already advertising on Instagram alone. Let the experts at PBHS manage your social media marketing campaigns, save you time and grow your practice. 


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